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Bass fishermen accused of using previously caught fish in tournaments found guilty

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L to R: Gary Minor, Jr. and Robert Gillaspie (Photos: Marshall County Sheriff’s Office)

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – Two bass fishermen accused of using previously caught fish in tournaments on Lake Guntersville have been found guilty of tampering with a sport contest.

Gary Minor, Jr. of Albertville and Robert Gillaspie of Boaz were found guilty Monday afternoon. The charge, tampering with sport contest, is a misdemeanor in the court system, but is a much more serious offense to those who make their living out on the lake.

This is a picture from the online sportfishing blog Wired2fish — allegedly taken from one of the men’s Facebook pages:

Photo of the two men holding a big catch (, from one of the men's Facebook pages)

Photo of the two men holding a big catch (, from one of the men’s Facebook pages)

According to the published report on Wired2Fish, the arrests came after a sting operation at a dock. Investigators had gotten a tip that the men had been holding bass in a pen at the dock and using those fish in a tournament on Lake Guntersville.

Sentencing hasn’t been set, but the two men have already appealed the sentence.


  • Thanatos

    Why they are nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worms! Hanging’s too good for them. Burnings too good for them! They should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

  • trish duvall-arnett

    Wow, that’s going overboard, I agree that they should loose their fishing licensefor life , and band from fishing tournamentsfor life . And I think the court should make them pay back all of the money that they took from the tournament ! And do comcommunity service for two years!.they have to live with the shame every day in that town , while doing that service! It’s going to really suck to be them !!!! That’s Just My Take On It , Trish


    the lakes around here are almost dead anyway they needed fish they got some tva is stocking bass for them to catch to make it look like the fishing is still good to keep the turnys an money here but the lakes are all but dead well pickwicke is. I fished it all my life theres just nothing in it now but what tva puts in it for contest to try an keep the money here in a dead lake. signed old dishearted fisherman, I know I got off the story sorry but feel strongly about the lakes an just hate to see them die.

  • nurse

    My husband has fished tournaments his entire life never once has he cheated, win some lose some but not a scum bag. I hope they both get what they deserve…

  • david gunter

    Let them go,!!!! Could never punish them accordingly,!!! They will get theres when they have to face real fishermen in real tournaments,!!! LOL

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