Juvenile struck and killed on Memorial Parkway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-  A juvenile died Saturday afternoon after being struck by an 18-wheeler.   It happened on Memorial Parkway near the I-565 interchange.

Police say the boy, whose age has not been released, was walking in the roadway.  The driver of the truck told police he slammed on his brakes and tried to stop, but was unable to miss the boy.

Police say the boy was taken to Huntsville Hospital where he was pronounced dead.    The boy’s name has also not been released by Huntsville Police.


  • vanessa

    Such tragedy. My daughter lost a very sweet and dear friend in 2006 near that same spot. These babies underestimate the speed of those vehicles. 50 miles an hour is fast and a desiel can’t stop on a dime. This I is just so sad, it breaks my heart everytime I hear stuff like this. Prayers for his family.

    • LAC

      A pedestrian bridge at 565 and the parkway? This happened at 230 am something else is going on here. Very sad story, but I highly doubt a pedestrian bridge at 565 and Memorial Parkway fixes anything. It not like there are any businesses or houses in the area. There is no reason for a person to be crossing the parkway, especially during that time. I do feel sorry for the family.

  • Ray

    I personally take issue with people walking down the parkway or crossing it at nonpedestrian crossing sections. I see it all the time people crossing the parkway jumping the barrier in the middle and they expect not to be run over ? I feel for the kids parents but the parkway is not a place to be walking down or crossing in unapproved places..

  • Angel Childress

    This boy was my bestfriend so i suggest yall dont talk bad about him , he was a really sweet boy that everyone loved , rest easy babyboy 💙

    • LAC

      Angel, sorry for the loss of your friend. Loss of life is always sad and I dint think anything bad is being said about him. What is generally being questioned is a young boy crossing the parkway at 565 at 230 in the morning. Generally that doesn’t strike most people as normal behavior.

  • michael f

    The truth about Huntsville (from old time Huntsvillian): The parkway is designed to maintain segragation among the rich and the poor, black and the white, the Butler kids from the HHigh Kids. One side is projects, the other side is rich white nieghborhoods, such as the Hospital district, and Blossomwood. There were units of project houses near huntsville hospital, but they have been replaced with high end Tickenham restaurants and apartments. If you do not believe this, just take a look. Notice how in areas such as Holmes AVE and Church Street, the parkway bridge has limited exits or enterances. Notice how it is a mission to cross the parkway. Is there a walkway or light you can push? of course not that would make it too easy. This is why you see poor Adults and kids (could be white but mostly black) try to cross 4-6 lanes of high speed trafic to try to go to Parkway City Mall or endulge in other rich white Huntsville activities. One side of the street has payday loans, liquer store, pawn shops, and the other side has HHigh, Whole Foods, the mall, hospital, etc. Huntsville is run by rich white families, Hayes, Enfingers, Scrimshires, Jones, Lendon, to name a few. They will never let their property values plummit. Therefore, you will never see a pedestrian bridge. Racism may be the cause, but I do not know, it could be just business. I do know that Huntsvillians have adopted a geographical legacy of segragation and racism. It will take years before roads and PKWYs and the educational system will be fixed. I would start with teaching are youth the basics, math, english, history, and morals. A tough task indeed.

  • Brett

    I can’t tell you how many times I had to slam on my brakes to avoid teenagers walking across the Parkway. Especially at the 565 interchange. Something needs to be done to keep this from happening. There are crosswalks at both Governors Drive and Clinton Avenue so why they decide to cross 9 lanes of high speed traffic I will never know.

  • michael f

    Brett you know the answer. The answer is those crosswalks are few and far, and people are tempted to take the short and dangerous route. Imagine you are on Clinton and you cross under the bridge, from Mason Court projects (Holmes Ave) to a dead piece of land which was called Heart of Huntsville. Where will you go? you have to walk a few more miles to the VBC. The cross walk at governors is also limited. You have to walk under a poorly or unpainted crosswalk under a bridge with no walkway or light to push, during your journey you will be stared at by rich white folks in giant white SUVs because you are actually walking.

    • Tired of Race Card

      Get off the race card. It is getting old. I grew up in the row housing off of Meridian St and Oakwood. I got off my butt and made something of myself. Most people are were they are from their own choices. I had friends that their families told them not to worry about school or jobs because the state would pay them better with welfare, food stamps and free housing. I still live in North Huntsville, not because I have to but because I want to. I left Huntsville for 16 years and moved back because I wanted too. The race BS is still being thrown up. I have friends of all races and religions. The only people that still care about it are the ones using the system or the ones that want to blame someone other than themselves. Learning to help one another would be a great start. Don’t give a free ride but help, be it tutoring someone having a hard time or driving a neighbor to the store. We all have the ability to make a change.
      Now as for a youth out early in the morning, that is another story. By your account, they were doing it to go to the mall or some other event. That early in the morning the mall is not open as are most of the other places in that area. That would lead one to believe they were out for other purposes. Sorry for the lose of life, but people live or die by their choices every day.
      Here is something to think about in closing. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for life.”

      • michael f

        Thank you for voicing your opinion. I wanted someone from the area who has lived here for a few years, to discuss this and give a different perspective. I understand your concern about the race card and I assure you I am not playing it and I am telling the truth about the Pkwy and segregation in Huntsville. I purposely wrote the paragraphs as if I have personally felt the effects of racism, but I have not, because I am white. I also lived near you, intersection of Oakwood and Maysville for many, many years. The race issue is as real as it gets. Just look at the Pkwy from an Oakwood point of view. Who lives there now, who shops there (Kroger, Kmart)? It is African Americans/ blacks. White Huntsvillians want to keep it that way, and they do not want to intermix. If you disagree, then I challenge you to walk into any publix and count the black people that are not employees. Compare that statistic with a Kroger in North Huntsville or on Drake. That is why they built such an ineffeicient and poorly designed PkWy with large uncrossable bridges, ultimatly building a wall seperating blacks from whites. This is also why they created Jones Valley, Hampton Cove, and Madison. They want to live where blacks don’t or where they can not afford to live. There are a few educated black families that are able to afford the more expensive houses, but they are few. As far as “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for life.” I totally agree. Education is the answer, not just in schools but in houses. The moral fiber of family has deteriarated.

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