Parent upset about Common Core raises awareness outside Secretary Duncan’s visit

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Lei Peavey is passionate about her disapproval of Common Core, a set of educational standards implemented in Alabama schools, along with schools across the nation.

She's so passionate, she decided to come out to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville where Education Secretary Arne Duncan was visiting Tuesday.

"I had intended to actually have a peaceful demonstration, and was told I couldn't do that because it was private property," she said. "So I'm just a private vehicle with some stuff written on [it]. That hopefully, will get seen by some people."

She wanted to send a message to Duncan that Common Core worries her.

"I think it's developmentally inappropriate on the younger kids," said Peavey of the standards.

She believes Common Core makes it harder for parents, including herself, to understand what their kids are learning.

"My daughter does not have a math book," she said. "So I can't look in her book and see, 'Oh, ok, this is where it's telling us how to do it.' She doesn't have one, not even on the computer... I just worry about what they're being taught."

When we finished talking with Peavey, security quietly asked her to leave where she was and move further away. She complied immediately.

She was only in her first location for less than a half hour, but she's hoping during that time, she managed to leave behind her message about Common Core.

"I just think it's wrong," she said.

Peavey also believes she, and many other parents, need a better understanding of the curriculum. She's planning to attend a Common Core Forum at Whitesburg Baptist Center this upcoming Saturday. It's from 4 to 6 p.m. and panelists will be there to discuss the standards' effects on children. The event is sponsored by several Alabama and Florida groups against Common Core, and is one of many similar forums across the two states.


  • Harry Martin

    Common Core is just the start. They have another program ready to start, if not already, for the pre-school children. It is just as bad as Common Core.

  • John Holmes

    Hate Common Core? Pull your kids out of school & home school them. Don’t worry, it might cramp your lifestyle for a bit, but it wont last long. Once the school system starts seeing mass numbers of students being removed from the traditional schools and they don’t get their funding per student things will change pretty quick.
    Can you imagine how the school system would react when 50% of their students don’t show up for class?
    Stop fighting the school boards and start forcing them to reverse course and listen to you as a parent!

  • Ken Wagner

    Why are people against common core? It’s just a set of national standards, so that students are able to transfer between states with minimal problems.

  • Chris

    Ken you must not have a kid in common core. In common core 2 +2 does not equal 4. It is not just a set of standards but a whole new way to learn especially math. I don’t mind my kids learning a new way especially if it is better but this does not make sense. On top of that no books. I have a BS passed math up to a calculus level and I don’t understand the fifth grade math. Books -a- million has some of the workbooks. Go look at one. It will not take long to find what we are talking about. As for John if I quit my job and go on welfare then I can homeschool my daughter but if you want me to stay employeed and pay my taxes the same taxes paying for schools then I have to work. I have considered private school.

  • Melissa Davis

    Wait, so her plan to get more information is to go to a ‘forum’ hosted by people who have a vested interest in getting rid of common core?

    I would be willing to bet my car that this woman actually has no idea what the entirety of the common core standards involves.

  • Rosemary Martin

    If two of the actual experts on the common core standards would NOT approve it, how can it be good for children? Also, we have seen common core in action and it is horrible. Don’t let them snow you with the lie “it is just standards” that is wrong, Bill Gates said that the curriculum will align with the standards. He also said it is an experiment. Your kids are the lab rats. Also will be a “market” for a lot of people, making money off YOUR children via common core and testing. Investigate for your selves.

  • Cindy Haxel Stupavsky

    David Coleman (no education expertise) was the architect of the standards. His accomplices had vested interests as they were involved in corporations & businesses that would profit form its implementation. It is a top-down approach, not developmentally appropriate for the youngest learners. Much research has come out to dispute common core standards in all aspects, but the proponents don’t care- they have a personal agenda. Common core was coerced on states through bribes, some states signed on BEFORE seeing it! Children are being used as a commodity, with the data mining of information that has nothing to do with their education. A huge amount of time is spent on assessments that are NOT used to help students, time that should be spent on instruction. Schools are felling pressured to purchase common core aligned CURRICULUM to do well on tests, so as we all predicted, it is dictating curriculum! It is copyrighted, so teachers have little freedom to deviate, and Pearson was given a no bid contract to supply testing materials. Local control of schools is erased, as common core is the owned by big business. Gates has used money to gain backers, by giving money to the National PTAs & Chambers of Commerce to support common core. If common core standards were so great, there would be no need to force compliance, everyone would be begging to be part of it. Common core unnecessarily complicates simple math, causing serious emotional issues for children- parents are no longer involved in their child’s learning. The assessments are secretive, with teachers having to sign not to divulge any information. The AP History standards are seriously flawed & are left-leaning & Progressive in nature. When a “national” curriculum is implemented, there is grave concern for the potential for indoctrination. This was never voted on by local school districts, parents, or educators. Common core will destroy education in America! STOP COMMON CORE NOW!

  • GCA

    There are numerous reasons from conservatives & progressives alike, why parents, educators, school board members, administrators, students and the community at large should be concerned about Common Core.

    Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education appointed by Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, an historian of education, educational policy analyst, and research professor at New York University originally supported No Child Left Behind, but became disillusioned with it, and what it has morphed into – Common Core.

    In her OpEd Everything you need to know about Common Core — Ravitch, published January 18, 2014, she thoroughly, methodically, and meticulously exposes the framework for CC, how it came to be, who and what was, and is behind it… and why. She also maintains a blog at

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