Ravens terminate Ray Rice the same day video is released of violent elevator incident

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Warning: The video contains images that are graphic in nature and might not be suitable for all audiences.

LOS ANGELES — In shocking video that previously had not been seen, Baltimore Ravens running back knocked out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer with a single blow before carrying her limp body out of an elevator.

The Ravens quickly terminated Rice’s contract on Monday as well.

Previously, only video of Rice carrying Palmer out of the elevator in Atlantic City, N.J., had been shown. But TMZ obtained video from inside the elevator that showed Rice delivering a powerful strike to Palmer, knocking her down and out.

The video from Feb. 15 at the Revel Hotel and Casino shows Rice and Palmer briefly arguing before it ends with Rice delivering a hook, knocking her out.

The blow knocked Palmer off her feet and she hit her head on the elevator handrail. When the elevator doors open, Rice drags her out and into the hotel.

An employee at the now-shuttered hotel told TMZ that the NFL saw the elevator footage before suspending Rice for the first two games of the season. The suspension drew harsh criticism in and out of the sports world.

It led the league to implement a domestic violence punishment protocol that brings a six-game suspension for any league player or employee involved in a domestic violence incident and a lifetime suspension for a second violation.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league “didn’t get it right” when it handed down Rice’s punishment in July.

“My disciplinary decision led the public to question our sincerity, our commitment, and whether we understood the toll that domestic violence inflicts on so many families. I take responsibility both for the decision and for ensuring that our actions in the future properly reflect our values. I didn’t get it right,” Goodell wrote.

Rice faced a felony aggravated assault charge in the case, but he accepted a pretrial intervention program that allowed him to avoid jail time and could lead to the charge being wiped from his record.


  • Sandy

    At least they admitted they were wrong and made it right. Way to go! we need to stop this violence on women it is so wrong.

    • Decatur

      Correction: Women needs to stop the violence, after all she did marry him. Her choice I guess, but makes it look bad on her as a lady!! Come on Ladies, don’t be so stupid

  • Ray

    Well, I wouldnt want to be her in the Rice home after he was released. Might be knock out #2. People who do stuff like that do it over and over. I have always wondered why women stay with men that beat them…I grew up next to a man who did that to his wife and it was heartbreaking but she kept going back to him…She finally divorced him and he tried that on his next wife and she had him put in jail and divorced his tail…

  • Bob

    Looks like she smacked him first before getting on the elevator then advanced on him after getting on. He’s not all to blame.

    • Tom

      Yeah , right – pro football player needs to smack the hell out of little woman when she smarts off to him , hits him with anything less than an 8″ skillet? At that he could always leave, unless she can outrun him and tackle him.

    • Tom

      Doesn’t matter who started it. Not legal for any of us hit someone like that unless they are an equal or greater threat to you , and you can’t leave the scene. Same true whether fists , knives , guns – even cookware. Any lawyers wanting to comment?

  • Kari

    How do you know she started it. Further down the hall before they come into view… he could have started it. She barely touched him before getting on the elevator. It may not matter legally, but if he’d given her that silly little tap…barely a tap at that…I wouldn’t think it worthy of much note either. I’m 65 and I could have taken that hit without spilling my drink. There’s a humongous difference between waving your hand at someone and tapping them to knocking them out cold with your fist. These two actions are not even close. Not by a few miles. Neither one was acting like an adult… but she is not deserving of getting cold cocked by a man beating her who outweighis her by a close to a hundred pounds, who plays football for a living… She started it…. she deserves it…??? Seriously?? On what planet? That’s the kind of trashy attitudes that continues to get women and children beat up by these thugs. .

    • Decatur

      Thug or not, she is to blame at every angle, her stupid … married him, this is what she is use to , $ o apparently she likes it so why shouldn’t I love it. Please get real Kari

  • jones

    Here we go again. What that video doesn’t show or tell you is the whole story up until that point when she gets knocked out and that’s what i’m interested in. The whole story. What did this woman do to him that provoked him to punch her? I’m very sure its a long story and the public need to hear it before everybody hits their own moral buttons. All this other stuff in the media is nothing but a public relations stunt for purely business reasons. Legally, Ray is a free man and he can sue the NFL and the Ravens for all monies owed to him. He was tried and convicted in a court of law with the evidence that was available then and therefore that means, he cannot be tried twice on the same case. A very good lawyer will suffice on this one. As for all this gas bag talk about domestic violence, every case in these matters is as unique as a finger print and should be taken on its own merits. The issues between Ray and his wife are as personal as they get but yes, Ray is a ‘public’ figure and should be the sacrificial lamb for this ‘national cause.’

  • jones

    Roger Goodel is a piece of work. He never takes time to think through anything. He just acts on the whims of the media He’s a joke.

  • jones.

    Look, lets try this for this ‘national issue.’ let all those convicted of domestic violence, regardless of degree and circumstances, be put in a national register with consequences that mirror those of sex offenders. They can’t get jobs, can’t buy guns and what not. Women too can be very vile and vicious. what Ray did is with no doubt terrible but we must look at the sum total of the entire situation. Legally, Ray is ok. I pray his lawyers have a plan to out wit these TV hot air gas bags. What else are they expected to say other than to save face and their own jobs and ratings? Ridiculous.

  • Sue

    Any man who knocks out a woman and then drags her acting like it is no big deal is and always will be a woman beater! When she woke up and saw the terrible way he treated her she should have got something and knocked him out- COLD! What comes around goes around- then left his sorry a**!!!

  • jones

    No matter who is at the fore front as a spokes person for domestic violence, fact is human relationships are very complicated. No one goes into a relationship expecting to be hit. All those shouting for Janay to leave her man are nothing but very sorry and miserable people in their own lives. They are probably single, painfully divorced men or women or have been victims and therefore they expect everybody else to buy into their own experiences and justify their cause or misery by this tv ratings ‘scandal.’ The men who are shouting on top of their lungs about how ‘unmanly’ it is to hit women, have no idea what is awaiting them in their own lives. Whatever is going on in the media is nothing but smoke filled, self righteous advocacy for domestic violence. All this does is give the likes of psychologically abused women in positions of power like Judge Cleveland to lock up more men. Ray Rice and his wife just need our prayers and by God, they will be just fine.

  • jones

    The NFL and Ravens are just over reacting. When all this emotion laced punditry has calmed down, i’ll start up a legal fund for Ray Rice to hit the courts again. He was granted due process by the courts and his situation was resolved. The NFL cannot just retroactively punish him again with a policy that has been put forward after the court’s resolution. Its unconstitutional and the man should be allowed to re-sign with any team. You advocates of domestic violence, go see a priest.

  • jones

    And what the hell is Ray Lewis talking about when he’ was involved in a homicide? ESPN is now the moral authority on living? If a thorough background check was conducted on all employees of ESPN, none would have a job there. How about we just pray for this family? If they choose to get divorced, it should be their decision. Its their business. God where are you? Reveal to all of us the lives of these talking heads.

  • brounmk

    NFL says it didn’t have the video when they gave him the two day suspension as punishment. They heard eye witnesses say he dragged her unconscious body. I mean what did they think happened in that elevator?

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