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Police arrest former director of Athens-Limestone County Habitat for Humanity

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Monday, Athens Police arrested the former director of Athens-Limestone County Habitat for Humanity.

Greg Miller was arrested following an investigation that took several months, regarding suspicion of embezzlement.

WHNT News 19 was at the police department as officers led Miller to a patrol car on Monday morning.  We asked him if he had anything to say about his arrest, especially to supporters of Habitat for Humanity in Limestone County.  Miller remained silent.

Miller is charged with two counts of theft of property 1st degree.  According to Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson, one count is because Miller wrote an ex-employee a payroll check for $8,000 on a closed account. The second count is for the theft from Habitat for Humanity. The two cases are separate, Chief Johnson said.

Miller was appointed executive director in September of 2011 and resigned in March 2014.

Amanda Garlen came in as executive director the following month and discovered the misappropriated funds.  She reported the problem to Habitat board members, who contacted police.

Greg Miller (Photo: Athens Police Department)

Greg Miller (Photo: Athens Police Department)

For the next several months, investigators worked with the staff and board members at Habitat for Humanity along with their accountants to determine the amount of money that was spent without being authorized.  Miller had been the executive director, and after he resigned, the board noticed there were major issues with the accounts.  In all, the amount in question was $107,554, according to the figure accountants gave police.

Chief Johnson said it appears the $107,554 were charges placed on Miller's Habitat for Humanity credit card.  The unauthorized purchases included concert purchases, a condo rental in Gulf Shores, fuel for Miller's personal vehicle, clothing, a cross bow, luggage, food and vehicle repairs.

Miller then allegedly paid the company credit card bill by writing checks from Habitat.   Miller also moved money from one Habitat account to another without the board's authorization.  Police say Miller did this to hide his unauthorized credit card charges.

Chief Johnson said Miller could face other charges after the case is presented to a future grand jury.  He commended Investigators Constable, McIntire and Lt. Slaton and others for their work on the case.


  • Nuclear Mike

    How MANY of our North Alabama agencies, city & county government officials have now been arrested for stealing either the taxpayers’ monies or charitable donations???

    Was Mr. Miller appointed to his position by a political “buddy(s)” who is probably engaged in similar criminal activities???

    Is there NO real accountability on the selection of people to handle the monies of others???

    OK…CH19 let’s see some “Taking Action” on an expose of ALL our corrupt officials!

  • Dave

    I use to donate left over construction supplies out there all the time. I knew something was sketchy about that guy. Goes to show you that pieces of trash come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Gomez Olivas Hernandez

    no doubt he is a DEM_O_CRAP. this is one of their character traits. Get all u can, and can all you get!!

  • Decatur

    O.k. Limestone County, now tell Mike Blakely to raid all his little baby casinos over there, since we are getting everything out in the open!! Good job Mike, once your re-elected again, Lil Ole” Limestone County will be back on the map committing crimes he knows about..

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