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Marshall County Preppers hosting class about Ebola

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The Marshall County Preppers are hosting a meeting Monday night focused on infectious diseases. (Photo from WHNT archives.)

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- The Marshall County Preppers will host a meeting Monday night about the Ebola virus.   The virus is currently sweeping through many countries in West Africa.

The meeting will focus on Ebola but also about preparing for infectious diseases in general.

The Marshall County Preppers is geared toward helping individuals be prepared for disasters like tornadoes, power outages and other disasters that could cut people off from getting supplies.

“We tell people it’s the small things that are going to get us,” said Preppers spokesperson Marc Neuffer.  “The chance of something happening nationwide or worldwide are very very slim.  But we all the time have things happening in local areas.”

The meeting is open to the public.  It starts at 6 p. m. at the Guntersville Rec Center.


  • Joshua

    Information is a great thing, however, will there be anyone there that has actual experience with infectious diseases? Hopefully this is not simply “Google” referenced information that has no reliable sources. A more appropriate discussion would be influenza since we have a large population of seniors.

  • kld

    What about the current outbreak of D68 virus in kids all across the country that is putting them on respirators? Ebola scares me but that scares me more because it’s already here and moving like wildfire.

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