Video Flashback to 1985: Crowds packed Joe Davis Stadium during Stars’ first season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- The 2014 season marks the official final season of the Huntsville Stars.  Next year the team is supposed to move to Biloxi, although due to construction delays there is the possibility the Stars could still play part of the 2015 season in Huntsville.

Back during the Stars first season in Huntsville, crowds were packing into Joe Davis Stadium.  Not only were there huge crowds, but the Stars also won the 1985 Southern League Championship.

The story above originally aired on June 18, 1985.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Oh well…living in the past Huntsville and not facing the reality of today’s local economy continuing to decline is why “retro” news is the most entertaining of all compared to what is happening in Huntsville now.

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