Huntsville Police: Man offers another a ride to the Northwood Housing Projects, turns deadly

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police say a man offered to do a good deed for another, and it turned into a situation that left one of them dead.

Officers say early Sunday morning they responded to a call from a robbery victim, saying a man had been shot.

Police say the victim says he gave a man he didn't know a ride from the Chevron Gas Station on University Drive to Northwood Housing Projects, which is a short distance away.

Huntsville Police say victim had stopped the car and the man sprayed him in the face with mace. The victim told police he feared for his safety so he pulled out a gun and shot the man once.

Police say the man jumped out of the car and ran down the road. That's when police say the victim drove away and called the police.

Officers responded and found the man dead in the front yard of the home on Turf Avenue. "All I saw was a bunch of lights through my window and when I came outside it was crazy," neighbor James Burgess says, "There was police everywhere, there was a body laying down on the ground. I was really just in shock. I didn't hear any gunshots or anything, the body wasn't moving."

Burgess says police were on the scene for hours Sunday morning."They started taping off everything, searching on the ground, it was just crazy."

He has lived at the home across the street from the scene for about four years, and says he has strict rules for his kids when they're outside. "I mean, it's nothing new," Burgess says, "There's always shootings, always robberies"

WHNT News 19 spoke with someone who lives at the home who didn't want to comment on this story. That person did tell us he knows the victim, but didn't know why he would come to his home.

Burgess says violence like this has to end. "This is just about time people stop, pay attention, get a job, quit trying to rob folks," Burgess says, "People are starting to defend themselves a lot lately, and it's just, it's time for a change."

The names of the victim and the man are not being released. Huntsville Police are still investigating, and say they can't release any more information. It is not clear if there will be any charges in this case.

We'll keep this story updated when new details emerge.


  • I Am Huntsville

    You cannot give a ride to anyone these days! It doesn’t matter if they come from “the projects”, north or south Huntsville, Hampton Cove, etc. Crime is crime!

  • Santiago Hernandez Olivas Herrera

    NRA is here to stay! These criminals get what they deserve. The good citizen who defended himself did society a tremendous favor! Thank You! P.S.> you saved the taxpayers alot of money!

    • Red

      There is no doubt in my mind that at least HALF of the time, any person who pulls a gun to defend themselves is going to be an idiot who is more than involved in the incident in the first place. Just pulling a gun and shooting someone who you claim attacked you, does not automatically make you innocent. Aside from being full of idiots, this country has another problem in that it seems like most people find it way too easy to think of everything in the simplest terms possible. And because “simple” is all they can wrap their brains around, simple must be all that there is to everything.

      • Branko Pezdi

        “And because “simple” is all they can wrap their brains around, simple must be all that there is to everything.”

        As your post amptly proves.

      • LAC

        Generally, this simplest explanation is the most accurate. We like to add useless detail to make our side seem better. That’s when you have to strip all the fluff away and use the simple facts. My guess here is a drug deal gone bad. The chevron is just across the street and is well known as a drug spot.

  • Terrance Burt

    Now we all know criminal don’t get justice but it was no robbery taken place the victim is the dead that man know he did wrong by tring to find a prostitute in the area and sum went wrong so hbd need to charge him with murder

  • Tim

    @Red , you don’t make any sense ! But that’s what happens when you drink to much of the Kool-aid…. Unless their is more evidence which comes to light , this was clearly self defense. Don’t rob people and you probably won’t get shot. Look at the bright side, no tax money or public defenders will be wasted on the attacker….

  • Nuclear Mike

    The violence is unending as the man interviewed as the news source for CH19 said it all….when will the lawlessness ever end in our little Mogadishu?

  • Wes

    Here’s a thoght, just maybe this guy was ripping off the victim in a gone bad drug deal when things went wrong and he shoots him. He may believe there was a witness, so he leaves and dumps the evidenc and then calls police to give them this rediculas story?? Hmmmmmmm?????

  • jones

    Look, facts are facts, regardless of the motive. The man, for all its worth gave another a ride and instead, sprayed him in the face. Yeah, i’ll shoot you, if you don’t shoot me first. Its that simple. The motive is irrelevant at this point.

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