VIDEO: Giant mutant spider dog prank is both terrifying and hilarious

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Take five minutes and watch this – it’s the funniest video we’ve seen in a long time.  The poor dog, he just wants to say hello! He doesn’t realize his owner, Sylwester Wardega, has dressed him like a giant mutant spider.

Wardega, a Polish prankster, dresses up Chica and then unleashes him on unsuspecting people.

The video, and anticipation of Chica’s approach, will have you in stitches.

One part of the video posted on YouTube shows Wardega laying “lifeless” in an elevator with Chica standing over him.

Possibly the most memorable part of the video is when a man stumbles upon giant “spider webs” that appear to show human body parts entangled within them.

The video posted on September 4th has over 1 million views on YouTube.


  • Nuclear Mike

    I would suggest this prank ONLY be played on Halloween…’cause a few in the dark may react in a more lethal manner to such a “creature” crawling thru their yard in the dark…I love my dog more than to offer the dog up to the results of poor decision making skills of someone I do not know for just a laugh or two!!!

  • Willie

    First off, I agree with Mike. Caught off guard, or deep in thought, (or as deep as my thought process goes), I would likely have shot the poor pup. And second, why would I take five minutes to watch a video thats less than 4 minutes long??

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