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$383 Million in road repairs happening in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - 383 million dollars! That's a hefty price tag, but Mayor Tommy Battle says Huntsville roads need every penny. Every corner of Huntsville could feel the impact.

According to Mayor Battle, the average commute in the city is 18 minutes. With the help of ALDOT, Huntsville will be even more accessible for motorists in the city.

"We have been talking about a lot of orange cones that will be seen throughout the city," said Mayor Battle at a press conference Wednesday.

The city of Huntsville will continue to undergo major road improvement projects. Twenty-seven projects to be exact.

South Memorial Parkway will be bid in March 2015 with 2 years of expected construction. With the help of the Alabama Department of Transportation, the city is pushing to make it happen quickly.

"They have agreed to build the overpasses and service road at the same time , were looking at incentive awards to the contractor to finish the projects more quickly," explained city engineer Kathy Martin.

The Weatherly Road extension to the new Grissom High School is set to be complete in 18 months.

"And that will be ready for school to open in the 2016 school year," said Martin.

The two-year construction of US 72 east should begin next month..."there will be 2 lanes open at all times and the intersection at Moores Mill will be done at night," said Martin, "Old Madison Pike is another one that has caused a lot of commuters to have to detour in the area, that one is about 70% complete."

The projects are at varying stages of development, but Mayor Battle says they are all part of the plan to make sure Huntsville keeps up with it's infrastructure. City officials hope to finish these projects within five years to keep Huntsville accessible.

Restore Our Roads Projects:

US 72 East at Moores Mill Rd. - Construction Oct. 2014 -  April 2016

Epworth Connector -  Construction expected late 2015

US 231 at Martin Rd. & Lily Flagg - 90% Complete with design; Construction anticipated mid 2015

US 231 at Mastin Lake Rd. - 30% Complete in design; construction expected late 2016

US 72 West between Providence Main and County Line Rd. - Construction expected mid 2016

US 231 between Weatherly Rd. and Hobbs Rd. - Construction mid 2017

Northern Bypass from Pulaski Pike to US Hwy 231/431 - Construction expected mid 2017

Cecil Ashburn Blvd. - Awaiting design proposal from consultant; construction anticipated mid 2017

Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP)

Holmes Ave. Bridge - 70% complete with construction; completion expected Jan. 2015

Zierdt Rd. Improvements - Phase 3 construction set for late 2014; Phase 4 set for mid 2016

Martin Rd. Improvements - Phase 1 anticipated early 2016, Phase 2 expected mid 2017

Winchester Rd. from Dominion to Naugher Rd. - 90% Complete in design; construction anticipated early 2016

Other Roadway Projects

Old Madison Pike - 70% complete with construction; expected completion April 2015

US Hwy 431 Intersections Improvements - 40% complete with construction; expected completion January 2015

Martin Rd. Improvements on Redstone Arsenal - 70% complete with construction; anticipated construction January 2015

Weatherly Rd. Extension - 20% complete with construction; anticipated completion July 2015

Downtown Gateway - construction completion expected Dec. 2015

Church St. Phase 2 - 80% construction completion; expected completion Oct. 2014

Research Park Blvd. Southbound Improvements at Gate 9 - 90% complete with design;  construction anticipated late 2014

Wynn Dr. Relocation - 30% complete in design; construction expected early 2015

Church St. Phase 1 - 90% complete with design; sewer relocation in early 2015; clearing in mid 2015; roadway in early 2016

Providence Main Streetscape - ALDOT bidding Sept. 2014; construction anticipated late 2014

Shields Rd. Bridge Improvements - 60% complete with design; construction anticipated early 2015

Northern Bypass East Section Phase 1 - 30% complete with design; construction anticipated mid 2017

Jefferson St. Streetscape - 10% complete in design; Phase 1 expected late 2014; Phase 2 in late 2015

Greenbrier Parkway Phase 1: 70% complete in design; construction anticipated late 2015

Old Hwy 20 Phase 2: 70% complete with design; construction anticipated late 2015




  • Thunderball

    The city needs make bicycle pathssndatiry on many if these street paving projects. It is unsafe for cyclists to ride on many narrow Huntsville streets.

  • John Q Public

    Once again we spend millions of dollars on building new roads but how much do we allocate to fix the shoddy ones we are having to continue driving on? We move all those well established businesses out to put in a road to Downtown Gateway while Hobbs Road among others is nothing but pothole after pothole. How many school buses among other vehicles drive that road daily with nothing being done to fix it, not just patch it? Oh that’s right we don’t even get it patched even after putting it on Huntsville Connect!

  • Nuclear Mike

    The politics of Montgomery & Huntsville…road contractors…and what it takes for a Mayor who wants to be Governor will do to satisfy the politics of “road building” via Montgomery’s demands for their sponsorship…

  • huffbuffer

    What we need are more roads that lead to Bridge Street. That amusement park they are going to be working on will definitely cause chaos.


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