Team owners, fans discuss Huntsville Stars move after last scheduled game of season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- "Will we play some games here next year, possibly, but it's up to them. I don't know where we're going to play," Buck Rogers, Huntsville Stars General Manager told WHNT during Monday's game.

For now, the team is in limbo.

Besides playoffs coming up later this week, they could possibly be done in Huntsville.

But holding them back, their Biloxi stadium. It isn't ready for them just yet.

Majority owner Ken Young tells us there's still not much information about when it will be done, but that will be the deciding factor for where they will open next season.

"We are waiting to hear exactly how the general contractor sees the timing coming," Young said.

If the stadium is finished in time, the team could feasibly play all of their upcoming season there. That would make Monday's game their last regularly scheduled game in Huntsville.

If not, Joe Davis Stadium is their fall-back.

"We still do have a lease there," said Young. "We can play there. And I have talked to Mayor Battle about that too. So when you look at everything, yes, Huntsville's a little bit of an insurance for us."

We spoke with fans who came out Monday just in case the Stars don't get to come back.

Travis Mooney said, "It's something nice to come out and do for the community, to have something like this [team here.] [The public takes it for granted and] haven't been out to it so that's the reason they're leaving I guess."

Josh Treen came to the stadium Monday with his kids for a birthday party. "You might as well come out, you're only going to get one last game so you might as well be here today and see what happens," he said.

Richard Summers agreed. He said he understands why the Stars would leave, and also why the team owners would hold Huntsville in limbo with them.

"From a business perspective, they have to do what's right for them," he said. "I understand that. But the city of Huntsville needs to buck up and bring baseball back, and keep it here."


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