Get savings delivered to you via text

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Today is Labor Day.

It’s a holiday to celebrate how hard Americans work to keep the country running. Saving money shouldn’t be hard work.

WHNT is taking action to show you how you can do it by just receiving a text message to your cell phone.

We’re talking about texting clubs.
A heads-up for you — make sure you have an unlimited texting plan to get the most out of these clubs.

Such plans are very common among providers now.

And as long as you don’t mind the sound your phone makes when you receive a text, you can enjoy savings for just about anything.

You use your cell phone to make calls, check your email, surf the web, so why not make it deliver money-saving deals?

Join the club — the texting club. There are many to choose from.
the website laid out a list of 100 such clubs.

From clothes to fast-food to groceries and everything in between, click on what you’d like to save money on and just follow the simple instructions.

It includes sending a text message to a code and just waiting for a response.
It’s worth noting — on most messages coming back, you’ll get a warning stating message and data rates may apply.

And in case you forget about how nice and important saving money is, you can get up to four text messages of money-saving reminders each month from Their motto is “Start small, think big”.

You sign up for the free service on their website by putting in the amount of how much you want to save, how quickly and for what reason and the site automatically tells you what you should set aside and how often.

Then, the company helps you reach your money-saving goal with gentle reminders coming over your cell phone in text messages.

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