DeKalb County church damaged by Saturday storm

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ARONEY, Ala. (WHNT)- The congregation at Mt. Zion Baptist Church decided to have services outside Sunday morning.  It wasn't because they wanted to get some fresh air, but because a storm caused severe damage to the DeKalb County church.

"Saturday night around 6:30 we had some straight line winds come through," said pastor Kevin Brooks.  "It did some significant damage to the back of our church.  So we are trying to get it evaluated right now just to see how bad it is and how safe it is for us to actually be inside the church building itself."

The upper back of the brick building appears to be about to cave in where it was damaged Saturday.   An upper room right underneath those leaning brick is filled with insulation that was blown in by the high winds.

"It seems pretty bad from the rear of our church.  And actually where the damage has been done is kind of right over where our baptistry and our stage and pulpit.  So if things were to start caving in, that's where the problem is going to be if people were inside the church in those areas and we just don't want to deal with that right now."

Brooks says no one was hurt and having to have services outside was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

"I think sometimes in America we have lost our ability to discern between something that is truly tragic and inconvenient.  This is just an inconvenience for us, so we will get this fixed."

In addition to the church, there were also reports of damage to some homes and barns in the Aroney community.

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