Police chase ends with wreck at Old Madison Pike construction site

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A trip to the hospital and perhaps even a jail cell for a driver involved in a police chase.

A wrong turn combined with a major road project helped bring the chase to an end early Monday morning.

Huntsville police say 28-year-old Chaunce Martel Williams drove off after officers tried to stop him around 11:00 p.m. Sunday night at Highway 53 and Dan Tibbs Road.

Police and Madison County sheriff's deputies chased Williams through rural roads before ending up on Research Park Boulevard.  Williams ran over stop sticks damaging two of his tires.

Here's where the wrong turn comes in to play.  Williams decided to go west on Old Madison Pike toward Slaughter Road.  He soon found out there was no bridge due to an ongoing road improvement project.  Williams went down a 15-foot ravine and crashed between two pylons.

Two other people were inside the vehicle.  HEMSI paramedics transported all three in the vehicle to Huntsville Hospital.

Police say Williams had two felony warrants against him.  Officers say they also found a gun in the vehicle and charges are pending in this case.  Williams' injuries are considered life-threatening.


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