Killed over borrowed movies, Kenny Dewayne Adams on trial this week for stabbing death of his cousin

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - A Limestone County murder case that began over a pair of borrowed movies went to trial today. Kenny Dewayne Adams is charged with the stabbing death of his cousin, yancey foster. Prosecutors say Adams killed his cousin in cold blood but defense attorneys will claim it is a case of self defense.

Defense attorneys will concede during the trial that Kenny Dewayne Adams did in fact kill his cousin, Yancey Metz Foster. It happened on New Years Eve in 2012, when Adams went to Foster's trailer just off Blackburn Road in Limestone County to retrieve two DVD movies. The defense team will attempt to convince the jury that Foster's killing was self-defense. In fact, during the questioning of potential jurors, they were asked if anyone was in strong disagreement with Alabama's Stand Your Ground law. None of the jurors spoke out.

The defense filed a motion with the court last Friday asking that the case be thrown out based on the Stand Your Ground provisions but Judge Robert Baker ruled the defense failed to show Adams would be entitled to the immunity provision of that law, setting the stage for trial to get underway this week.

Adams, who has faced a number of criminal charges in the past, including burglary and domestic violence, declined to speak with reporters citing the advice of his attorneys.

A jury of nine men and four women, including one alternate, are hearing the case. Testimony will resume tomorrow morning.