Jackson County deputy shoots man during domestic disturbance call

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BRYANT, Ala. (WHNT) – Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips says one of his deputies shot a man Thursday evening during a domestic disturbance call.

Deputies were called to 1541 County Road 291 in Bryant just before dark. “When deputies arrived the wife and the child was outside behind a vehicle in the yard. They approached them to talk to them and a man came out of the residence with two guns, one in each hand,” Sheriff Phillips says.

Sheriff Phillips said deputies told the man, Jerry David Nunley, to drop the weapons, but he didn’t.”He told them, he said ‘I’m going to kill you,’ brought one of the guns up toward the officer and shots were fired,” Sheriff Phillips says. “He went down and we immediately called an ambulance and he was flown to Erlanger.”

Sheriff Phillips says as of Friday afternoon, Nunley was still in the hospital. He says his deputies acted in a manner according to protocol. “You never want to shoot anyone, but the man gave them no choice.”

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident. “Any time you have an officer involved shooting you’ll contact ABI for investigation.”

Sheriff Phillips said the case will be presented to a grand jury for further review. He says after that investigation, Nunley may be facing charges.


    • LAC

      Did he not? Broken eye socket, witnesses saying Brown beat him, shot fired inside the car, facial injuries, outweighed by near 100 lbs. Oh, the cop was white….nevermind then, everyone know all white cops are racist and black teenagers never assault police officers! But dont worry police officers, Eric Holders got your back. The Attorney General is seeking justice and has trust in Americas officers….well look on the bright side… at least he didn’t say the cop acted stupidly but doesn’t now the facts. Good thing we are in Mr Obama’s post racial America!

  • AM

    This incident should not necessarily be compared to the incident in Ferguson. Domestic violence calls are usually the most dangerous calls an officer can respond to. Depending on the level and occurrence of previous incidents, the perpetrator usually has no respect for their life, the victims, and especially not law enforcement. I went toa law enforcement training centered on domestic violence. As of 2012, Alabama was the second in the nation for domestic violence homicides.

  • A Friend

    I have known this man my Whole life, tho I have not seen him in many years … This man would never harm NO ONE , he would give a stranger the shirt off his Back an this I seen with my own eyes an ask for nothing in return … I went to school an grew up with him he never drank alcohol of any kind an was totally against Drugs …,,, he awoke Blind an when the Drs were trying to treat him he Argued with them for he did not want any pain meds !!!! This is just a sad situation for all involved , Prayers to all involved …, David is an always will be a Great friend to me Reguardless ….. Instead of trying to Kill him there was no need in shooting him 4 times ????? SMH!!! GOD help us all , every citizen an officer as well ….

  • Sue

    Any husband and father that is holding guns and terrorizing their wife and child needs to be away from them!!! If the police had not arrived they might be dead. If he is stupid enough to aim at the police instead of dropping the not one but TWO guns then he gets what he should have expected! He will always be a danger to them. Domestic situations can turn deadly at any time. For anyone who thinks he is such a nice guy and would not hurt anyone-get real. It only takes one situation for someone to be killed. Next time his wife and child might not be protected. They should have shot to kill so there won’t be a next time. The police were totally correct to shoot. They are there to protect victims- not to get shot themselves!

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