Huntsville’s Curse, Inc. one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - If you're a self-professed gamer, you've probably heard of them. If not, you better get used to hearing their name.

Curse, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, and they're headquarters are right here in Huntsville.

Curse, Inc. is growing a media and technology empire in the heart of the Rocket City.

"We have a wiki platform, voice communication platform, that is like Skype for gamers.  And, we also have a number of web properties, like Futhead, which is the number one source for FIFA online," listed Michael Comperda, the company's Chief Technology Officer.

The company got its start in California in 2006 and moved its engineering department to Huntsville in 2007. Just last year, they moved most of the operations to the Rocket City.

Since the company's founding it has grown exponentially. Curse, Inc.'s stats are staggering.

"We have about 50 million unique visitors to our websites and our different products every single month.  And, we do a little more than a billion page views," said Comperda. "What that really boils down to is a really hardcore audience that plays games and comes to our sites all the time."

Just this week they landed on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Impressive.

But Curse, Inc. is about more than just the numbers.  It's about the communities they're building.

"I think one of the advantages we have here at Curse is we really are gamers," said Comperda. "Everyone on the exec staff really gets it.  So, that goes into every single decision we make and what we decide to do."

Curse, Inc. is currently hiring for their Huntsville and San Francisco offices.  You can read job descriptions and apply by following this link.


  • Factual

    The part that Curse doesn’t mention is that they consume communities where community-made content is popular, then maneuver to distribute that content themselves, with ads on the page to make money from, and very little to nothing going back to the content creator in return. Sounds like a swell place to work, if you’re the one benefiting from other peoples’ efforts.

  • Pete

    Nobody actually likes Curse, though, because they usually ruin the communities they buy. They make money from the ads and then buy even more communities.

    • Red

      There must be some benefit to the purchased community, otherwise, it would not be sold. Am I missing something? It is natural for the smaller fish to be consumed by the larger fish.

  • Neil

    *Yawn* What about their failed e-sports venture? How about their voice platform being banned from League of Legends? What about the tremendous amount of backlash they receive from the users of the very sites they acquire and turn over for profit? This article is an enormous spam advertisement and hardly news.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Maybe the above commenting “Commandos of the Keyboard” quit hating free enterprise, and get a life…

  • Porsche

    Fastest growing can mean you’ve upped your employees to 2 in a matter of 1 day – fastest growing. Marketing BS.

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