Harley’s Fight: A Marshall Co. family works to fundraise for their baby son

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Marshall County family is working to raise funds for their baby son, in a fight that started the day he was born.

Imagine spending half of your life in a hospital.

For two and a half months, that was a reality for Harley Tanner. During that time, Harley, his mom and his dad fought. Their battleground was a hospital room. The fight started on Harley's birthday.

In fact, mom Angela says the cause that prompted this fight started even before that. "Polyhydramnios is what cause my placenta to tear away, start to tear away at 34 weeks, and when it started to tear away it left him with depleted blood and depleted oxygen, and that's what caused the brain bleed," Angela says.

Now, Harley is a strong and content five-month-old, but he still needs constant attention.

Harley eats using a feeding tube. "He's outgrowing it quicker than Medicaid will pay for them," Angela says.

She says Harley gets a set number of tubes in a certain time period. After that period if Harley needs more, the tubes have to be paid for out-of-pocket - and Harley is growing fast.

In addition to those costs, Harley still needs to see doctors in Huntsville and Birmingham - both of which are nearly two hours from the Tanner's Boaz home.

Angela says that list of costs is a fraction of the care Harley needs. All of it costs money, and for Harley's parents, his care is a full-time job.

So the family is working to raise the funds needed for their little son's medical care. "We're going to continue to do you know, whatever we can," Angela says.

One fundraiser unfortunately fell through, but between online donation sites and silent auctions the ideas for raising more funds for Harley keep coming - because Harley needs it.

There's an even bigger reason, though. "He's worth everything and more," Angela says, "He is my little miracle."


  • Carl Arnold

    I’m will pray for Harley… but I will not donate money when I a $600 with of Nike shoes in the background … someone needs to advise them on priorities.

  • Mark Cumber

    I have NEVER seen a pair of Nikes that cost $600. But whatever. Go on with your judgments and moral licensing. Because God just LOVES it when a human presumes to know more than He does and starts trying to do His job…

  • Angela Tanner

    The shoes were a Christmas gift to my husband from family. Ive never seen a pair for six hundred dollars. We have sold everything that we can to raise money. The shoes can not be returned because they were bought on black Friday on sale. We have sold everything we can of value. Please do not judge me and say we need to get our priorities in order because Harley is my one and only priority. If you want more information or to come and see how empty our house is now that we have sold everything we can you are more than welcome to contact me. Until then please do not presume to know me or what me and my family are going through. If you are interested the nike shoes are for sale. They are a size 13. Brand new. They were 150 and I have been trying to sell them for 100 because I cant find the box. Thank you for the prayers and I hope the message finds you well. I also hope that you and your family never have to go through what me and mine are going through. I hope you never feel the pain I feel for my son. When there is a baby on they way no one expects there nursery to come equipt with an IV pole. That’s not a normal baby shower gift. No one expects that all the cute little clothes you have for your little bundle of joy will be useless cause he will out grow them before he leaves the hospital. All of this is my reality. He eats on every three hours through his tube. The pump takes an hour to run. No one at my house sleeps a full night and haven’t in a very long time. Like I said I hope You never know what we go through everyday. Good Luck

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