Report: Harvey Updyke to sit in dunk tank for charity

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Harvey Updyke

The man who poisoned the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn is back in the spotlight, but not for being in trouble with the law.

Harvey Updyke, now out of jail and living in Louisiana, has reportedly agreed to appear in Mobile at a charity event in which fans can choose to either dunk him in a dunking booth or throw pies at his face, according to

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is said to be involved in the event, as well. Though the details have yet to be nailed down, the date is set for Sept. 27, according to

Updyke poisoned the Toomer’s trees sometime after the 2010 Iron Bowl. He later called the Paul Finebaum Radio Show to brag about it.

He is currently under five years of supervised probation. In addition to having a 7 p.m. curfew, he isn’t allowed to talk to the media and he is banned from all collegiate-level sporting events.

What do you think of this? Is it a publicity stunt or do you respect him for doing something for charity?  Would you take the chance to dunk him or throw a pie in his face?


  • Lisa

    He should not be regarded as anything other than a common criminal. This is totally disgusting that some, not all Bama fans regard him as some type of hero.

  • Lotus

    Why is he allowed to leave the State of Louisiana if he’s on supervised probation and has a 7 pm curfew?

  • hyrda

    This is absolutely ridiculous, insulting to Alabamians and Auburn fans, and an awful ‘marketing’ idea by the group bringing him in. I can’t help but hope whatever “charity” this is for gets what is coming to them (karma’s a you know what). It’s disappointing seeing a group not only reward his behaviour but exploit it for their own gain.

    Shame on AJ for being involved, as well. That reflects poorly on him, imho, and whatever raisin’ Saban gave him during his time with the Tide.

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