Prayers, donations, time – Downtown Rescue Mission could use it all

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) – The Downtown Rescue Mission is setting a record most local restaurants would envy. The Christian ministry is on track to serve 300,000 meals this year. That’s around 600 meals a day. The mission also houses approximately 250 people a night.

Of course, these are the kinds of records the organization would rather not set. However, the increasing numbers have become almost predictable. Over the last few years, the agency has seen an annual increase of 15-20% in demand for services.

Downtown Rescue Mission President and CEO Ken Overholt says the largest growth has been in the number of women and children seeking aid. He adds, “it’s sometimes tough to see the kids that are coming down our hallways but I’m just so glad that we’re here, because if we weren’t here, who would be taking care of those families?”

To help make sure no one falls through the cracks, the Downtown Rescue Mission is already beginning its fall fundraising campaign. Requests to assist with the annual Thanksgiving dinner are currently being mailed. The mission expects to feed around 1,000 people in the mission cafeteria. Another 1,000 or more food boxes will be given to families who would otherwise go without a holiday meal.

Overholt says the Downtown Rescue Mission is grateful for the community support received and adds that prayers, donations and volunteers are always welcome. There are numerous ways to help. Monetary donations may be made online. Interested community members can also find a volunteer application form. There’s even a list of current prayer requests and an e-mail form where personal prayer requests may be submitted.

The Downtown Rescue Mission is located at 1400 Evangel Drive. The phone number is (256) 536-2441

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  • sam

    I believe in the work the Downtown Rescue Mission does for people. I shop their thrift stores and donate items frequently. I however disagree that they make their employees who open their stores show up 15 minutes early with no pay and they are forced to participate in devotion and prayer. If they do not they can be written up or let go whenever they decide to let people go. I don’t think this is fair. If you’re going to make an employee be there 15 minutes early at least pay them for it. That is their time.

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