UPDATE: ACT Scores released; national composite score is 21, average score in Alabama is 20.6

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -  Wednesday morning, educators all over North Alabama and the rest of the state will be buzzing over new test results.

Click HERE for the National and State ACT scores.  They were released publicly early Wednesday morning.  Click HERE for Alabama results.   Click HERE for a detailed explanation of scores in Alabama.

Nationally, the average composite score is 21.  The average for students in Alabama is 20.6.  That's up from last year, when the state paid for all juniors to take the ACT.

In 2013, the average test score was 20.4, and Madison students averaged a score of 23.5.  Madison students' average rose to 24.1 for the ACT in 2014.

The scores are important, since they translate into college money.

"To get into any school, they want to know your ACT score," said Bob Jones High School Principal Robby Parker.  "And scholarship dollars start coming at certain intervals, maybe as low as 22 or 23, certainly at 25 some schools and certainly when you get over 30, you can about go to wherever you want and get a lot of scholarship dollars."

Parker added Madison schools pay for all tenth grade students to take an ACT-prep class and test at a cost of about $8,000 to the district.


  • fred

    The state school superintendent just received a 25% pay increase, for being 43rd in the U.S, way the go union workers, the top educator in Alabama gets a raise, and his union workers get zero.

  • Sharon tompkins

    How can I get to our specific school’s scores? I saw the states info vs the national averages but didn’t see how to see a specific school’s scores

    • Beth Jett

      Hi Sharon.. You would have to ask your school about the scores. ACT doesn’t release a report broken down with individual school scores. They produce national and state statistics but not specific schools. Those school officials have to release their scores individually. Thanks for watching WHNT and using whnt.com!

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