7-year-old turns in his mom for cooking meth

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A young boy in Florida turned in his mother for cooking and using methamphetamine.

The 7-year-old and his 26-year-old mother were living in Edgewater, Florida with her boyfriend's brother. The man said he thinks of the boy as a nephew.

A 7-year-old Florida boy turned in his mother for allegedly cooking meth in the trunk of her car.

A 7-year-old Florida boy turned in his mother for allegedly cooking meth in the trunk of her car.

He said the boy told him for days that his mom was cooking "something bad." He said it took the boy a while before he worked up the courage to show him what it was. When the boy finally showed him, he said he opened up the trunk of the mother's car and exposed a meth lab.

The man said he took the boy inside and called police.

Police arrested the mother on drug and child neglect charges.


    • Red

      I don’t blame you for being angry, but that is a sanctimoneous reply. One of the biggest problems with dealing with real drug addiction comes from people like yourself who don’t understand how it traps a person and destroys their ability to make wise and rational choices. People like yourself focus only on punishment, which does little to help break the cycle, and there is nothing accomplished. After the jail time spent accomplishing nothing, a person with a criminal record is permanently crippled by the law as part of the punishment metered out to satiate folks desire to punish the offender, and a whole recovery is almost impossible even IF the person manages to overcome their addiction. An attitude focused more on rehabilitation could also be more likely to succeed in returning this little boys mother back to him some day.

      • Kari

        Red, I agree that addiction and personal use of drugs should be dealt with differently by the law. And, that years of sobriety should remove any records for non-violent offenders. However, these people were “dealing” the drugs they were “cooking.” That is a totally different ball game. They had a meth lab in their trunk. Those who cook shouldn’t get any slack from the law. You say that it is impossible to recover from arrest records and that’s just not true. I personally know several “ex” addicts who have turned their lives around and who are doing quite well. These people are all working, raising families now, living normal family lives and earning decent wages if not more. One even owns his own business. Even the US government forgives and hires people who have had arrests for alcohol and drug abuse after a a certain period of time has passed. You’re not going to be given a job protecting Top Secret Information, but you can still get hired for other jobs. You can recover to work and earn a living and lead a normal life according to your skills and education. It all depends on the individual to make the most out of his or her life. The answer is to work hard, to “want” the recovery and to take responsibility for your own actions. The hard part is coming to the realization that life is worth living and you are worth saving. But you have to save yourself! No one can do it for you.

  • Becky

    Drugs are killing everything. Why can’t people see that, they pick drugs over their children, their families and themselves. I don’t see anything good about drugs.

    • Red

      Well, no Becky. Drugs are not killing everything. And it’s not quite so simple as people “picking drugs over their children.” I am sure you are referring to illegal drugs, but if you want an eye opener, investigate the rate of addiction and abuse with pharmaceutical drugs… The rates of addiction and death there are more than all illegal drugs combined. So tell the pharmaceutical companies that there is “nothing good about drugs”. They may disagree. There is more to the problem.

  • Kari

    According the the news report, it wasn’t the boy who turned in his mom. He merely told his mother’s boyfriend’s brother about the meth lab in the trunk of his mother’s car. The brother opened the trunk, discovered the meth lab, and called the police. Why are we sensationalizing the headlines with a non-truth? I hate the way the media misrepresents a story with the blatant misleading or out-and-out lies in their story headlines. Ridiculous. There ought to be a law… truth in headlines?

  • Concerned Mother

    I am a mother that is a recovering addict. When I went to jail away from my husband and children for only 3 days that was enough for me. After being in there 3 days that was enough for me to decide my children were more important, I never wanted to go back and of coarse Jesus saved my soul. Praise The Lord for not giving up on me!!! You just have to get your priorities in order. And of coarse our Love and Prayers will be with the family of the 7 yr old boy. :)

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