Volunteers help students move into college dorms

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- College move-in day can be hectic, busy, and stressful.

But Home Depot volunteers working at the University of Alabama- Huntsville for move-in day say they want to change that. A group of more than 15 people from 3 Huntsville Home Depot stores assisted students Friday as they got settled in.

Lynda Ares, Store Manager, said, "This is the first. The first time we've decided to do it... [We] can get everything together, one trip up."

Students like Tevon Walker were breathing a sigh of relief.

"I just pulled my car up and they said come on in, we'll help you unload," he said.

Volunteers used flat carts, shopping carts, even school-provided laundry carts to move students' stuff up to their assigned dorm rooms. They hoped for an easier transition back to school, so students can focus on the year ahead."