Sheffield resident holds burglary suspect at gun point

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Justin Oneal Hall

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) – An unusual turn of events this week after a man broke into a Sheffield home during broad-daylight.

A broken door frame next to the curb is all that’s left to show there was a burglary at a home on Broadway Street.

Police Chief Greg Ray says Justin Oneal Hall kicked in the front door of the home and quickly ran inside.

After hearing a loud noise, Chief Ray said the home-owner got out of bed to check on what was happening, the two met in a hallway.

“This burglar recognized the victim, as a matter of fact he made a comment to the victim of the fact that “Man if I would have knew this was your house I wouldn’t have broke in.” you know, for what it’s worth,” explained Ray.

Turns out the two went to high school together.

Chief Ray said the homeowner played it cool and told hall to stay and he would get his shoes to go check out the damage.

“So he goes back to his bedroom, gets his shoes but he also gets his handgun which he had beside his bed, and then he comes out and holds the defendant at gun point until the police arrived,” said Ray.

Chief Ray commends the home owner for using restraint and only using the amount of force necessary to detain hall until police arrived.

Sheffield police say with Hall’s arrest, they will be able to solve several burglary type crimes through-out the city.

Justin Hall remains in the Colbert County Jail.

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