New Alabama law takes aim at synthetic marijuana

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT)-- Madison County District Attorneys tell WHNT News 19 that synthetic marijuana, or "spice" as it's called on the street, is more prevalent than ever.

Don Rizzardi, Assistant D.A., said, "It has the qualities of a cannaboid drug, which is marijuana, but more of the chemicals in there than anything organic."

These chemicals trick the brain into feeling the same type of high that you get with pot, although it's a completely different drug. Those same chemicals can be manipulated to alter the drug, making it more dangerous, and also more difficult to police.

"If you change one atom in the molecular structure, it changes something where it might not be illegal, so they have to go and change the law," Rizzardi said.

Representative Mike Ball agrees. "Folks are always finding ways to skirt the law. So the law has to find ways to corner them in," he said.

Alabama lawmakers recently passed a bill sponsored by Arthur Orr of Montgomery. It expanded the definition of "synthetic marijuana" to compensate for variations of the drug. Ball says this is something they can do to react to a growing drug problem, but it's far from over.

"It won't be the last time we'll have to address this issue," he said."


  • Red

    STOP calling this crap synthetic marijuana. There is NO SUCH THING. If there were, the synthetic stuff wouldn’t be 100 times more dangerous than real marijuana. The garbage has been labeled “synthetic marijuana” by people deliberately trying to put the real God given stuff in a bad light, and the idiot media just eat it up and repeat it brainlessly without questioning it.

    This is a potpourii that has been sprayed with a chemical that was originally designed to mimic marijuana, but it is in no way the same or even similar. It is dangerous. And obviously NOBODY would even want it if the real thing was available.

  • Red

    Well, we can all expect Alabama lawmakers to solve this problem with yet another prohibition, because of all the success they’ve had with other laws prohibiting similar stuff. Alabama lawmakers to the rescue… fix that law and problem solved… wiping hands. Of course, you could also legalize the real thing and watch all of this dangerous synthetic stuff evaporate.

    • TruthLivesHere

      Legalizing the “real thing” wouldn’t eradicate the “dangerous synthetic stuff”. It would only serve to give a choice. I assume most cannabis users prefer the real thing, but I’m sure there are people that actually prefer the synthetic version.

      • Red

        I can’t say as I’ve ever heard anyone say that. I’ve never heard anything about this synthetic stuff other than the fact that it has sent lots of people to the hospital and some have died, and I know that this is simply not the case with the stuff that grows out of the ground. The chemical present in this synthetic stuff is cooked up in a lab somewhere and God knows what’s in it… and there is obviously no reason why anyone should assume it is the same everywhere. My guess is that the only people who use it are young people who don’t know any better and get in trouble with it or people who are trying to dodge the drug tests, since this mess isn’t widely tested. And even the article mentions the fact that anytime the substance is changed, that potentially presents an entirely different chemical, further inhibiting the ability to test for it.

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