Judge allows suspension of Huntsville teacher accused of helping student change answers on test

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –   A judge ruled Friday the suspension of a Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary teacher accused of helping a student change answers on a standardized test will stand.

Eleanor Burks, a longtime fourth-grade teacher at MLK, will be suspended for 15 days. School board leaders alleged Burks assisted a student in changing test responses on a standardized test.

Cathy McNeal, director of assessment and accountability for the school district, testified before the school board earlier this month that Burks stopped a student who was incorrectly answering a question on an ACT Aspire writing test and asked him if he had read the directions.

The student ultimately erased and reworked his answer, according to the school board.

Burks filed paperwork asking a Madison County Circuit Court judge to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent her suspension, but the judge denied that motion today.

Huntsville City Schools responded to the ruling, saying “The Superintendent and Huntsville City Board of Education take strong exception to violations of testing procedures.  Where we find violations, we take measures to discipline the individuals.”


    • Bob

      Now how did I know that Nuclear “Know it All” Mike would post a message? Because he never met a message he didn’t have an opinion on.

      • Red

        Mike, if you think you are “out in front” of anything, then that has got to be one of the sadest things I’ve ever heard. Get some help. Get some attention from a real person… try that.

      • Nuclear Mike

        Actually Bob/Red…after running many of the comments made under Bob & Red thru a s/w program the results predicts that Bob & Red are one in the same person with the same style of phrases, grammar & vocabulary.

    • Red

      I was a straight A student in High School, but in Elementary School, I struggled sometimes just like other kids. I can promise you I had teachers that helped me at one time or another in this same exact way. For a teacher to ask you if you “read the directions” prompting a kid to take another look and change an answer on his own, I’m not going to make a big deal out of that. I don’t see a big deal here. I see a tiny bit of assistance, and maybe it’s not fair to all the students, but you’ve got to really be wound up to want to make a big deal out of a thing like this.

      • Nuclear Mike

        Red…I don’t think you got the help you needed in elementary school or later in life from your inflated self esteem in your comments…

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