Goat Show at Clinton Row features art, cheese, charity and a real goat

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This weekend–a show that will get your goat in a good way.

Downtown Huntsville will play host to the Goat Show at Clinton Row.

It’s to benefit local artists as well as an international organization.

The show combines art, music, charity and cheese–specifically, goat cheese.

It also celebrates a new goat cheese distributor, Belle Chevre, which opened up a tasting shop on Jefferson Street, just around the corner from Clinton Row.

The Goat Show will be Saturday at L/E Art Gallery and include a silent auction of art by local artists, a string band, cheeses by Belle Chèvre and a real live baby goat.

One of the organizers, Anne Condit, explained who all will benefit from what she hopes will be an annual event. “We’re doing this to benefit both local artists and Heifer International, which is a charity that gives livestock animals to people, impoverished people,” Condit said. She is the art director for L/E Art Gallery.

Christina Wegman, an organizer and co-sponsor of the event, is also a local artist contributing her work to the silent auction. She explained her motive for being part of it all.

“We really feel passionate about art,” said Wegman. “We feel passionate about quality of life for people here and in other countries and wanted to welcome Belle Chevre to town in a very fun and interesting way.”

Half of the money raised will go to the artists participating, while the other half will go to Heifer International.

The Goat Show at Clinton Row will be Saturday from 5p to 7p.


  • Nuclear Mike

    WOW…you mean a living actual goat??? Now how many of us in Alabama have ever seen a real goat?
    Well, maybe on the bar-b-que pit!!!

    • Beth Jett

      Touché, but I don’t think goats make regular appearances in Downtown Huntsville! Besides, some ‘city folk’ may not see them very often unless they visit a petting zoo! :) Thanks, as always, for watching and commenting!

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