Florence SWAT officer on paid leave following Muscle Shoals apartment shootout

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - New details are being released on a standoff in Muscle Shoals Wednesday that left a woman was shot and the alleged gunman dead inside an apartment.

Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler announced Thursday morning that one of his SWAT officers has been placed on paid leave.

According to Tyler, working in support with Muscle Shoals Police, SWAT officers were evacuating residents near Building 12 at Arbor Village Apartments when they came under fire.

Chief Tyler says when Reagan Jones fired toward the evacuation efforts, the officer returned fire with two shots.  Tyler says at that moment, the gunfire ceased.

"It was a very active, dangerous situation. There were lives that were in immediate danger and this SWAT officer took what we believe was a very reasonable action in response to, again, a barrage of gun fire when he returned those two shots," Chief Tyler said.

Muscle Shoals Police Chief Robert Evans says no one on his SWAT team has been placed on leave at this time.  Chief Tyler says the Florence officer will remain on leave until being cleared by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and an internal shooting review board.

The woman who was shot, Christy Gregory, was treated and released from Huntsville Hospital, according to family.  Gregory was shot in the arm.

Read our blog on WHNT.com of the August 13 events in Muscle Shoals.


  • Nuclear Mike

    If only 2 shots were fired by the police officers, then truly they were professionally in control of their decisions & actions which serves the Public well while we have seen other cities’ police units apply force to a level of concern in the neighborhoods.

    • B

      That’s the way officers should handle these situations, I applaud his professionalism. Unlike a few months back, here in Huntsville where police fired 30-50 shots to take down 1 man, I believe that was out of emotion after another officer was shot, but it was reckless. I hate the man had to be killed but at least no one other than the original victim and gunman was injured or killed.

      • Nuclear Mike

        The official count of rounds expended by our police force was 217…there was not public disclosure of the rounds the deceased fired…go see the house on Stanford as you can’t miss it…

  • Michael

    I often rip the police force in this country, but I believe this was a situation that at least looks like it was handled as appropriately as can be. The suspect had already fired on the woman and was firing at police and had barricaded himself. A minimum amount of lethal force was required and it looks like that is all that was committed. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Are you paying attention HPD?

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