College students nationwide fight for their gun rights

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(AP/ — A 20-year-old student from San Diego is criticizing Dartmouth College for not letting her carry a concealed gun on campus for protection against a man facing criminal charges for stalking her.

Taylor Woolrich says she asked the university to make an exception to their gun ban because she feared an attack from Richard Bennett, who she said started stalking her when she was 16.

The 67-year-old was arrested by San Diego County sheriff’s deputies in June and is in jail on suspicion of stalking with a court order in effect and possessing a firearm while under a restraining order. He insists he is innocent.

Woolrich said she hadn’t seen Bennett in 18 months when he appeared at her parents’ door while she was visiting home this spring.

It’s an issue here in Alabama, too.

Our news partners at report students at the University of Alabama are also trying to change campus gun regulations.  At UA, school policy prohibits students, visitors, faculty and staff from carrying firearms on campus.

The University of Alabama’s Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy says:

Except as otherwise stated in this policy or as otherwise allowed by law, the University prohibits the possession, transportation, and use of firearms and other dangerous weapons on campus. This policy applies to all persons on campus, including faculty, staff, students, contractors, patients, and visitors.

University students may not possess firearms at any time on campus except as expressly authorized by the University of Alabama Police Department. UAPD provides temporary storage for firearms lawfully possessed by students at its headquarters.

Students with permits to carry and posses a concealed weapon feel they should have the right to self-defense, even on campus.


  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    NOBODY tells ME when and where i carry concealed! Especially some “Low Life Liberal”! Liberalism is a severe form of Mental Illness! Punks!

  • Annie

    My husband and I feel that No Student College,,or High school should not be able to carry any type of gun.You are just asking for trouble! Too many Student and Young people have been shot in or around school and college.OK, Yes I belevie in right to bare arms ,But NOT TO TAKE TO COLLEGE OR SCHOOL !!!!! People need to think long and hard about this for the Young People of our Future. There are places to have and use Guns ,but not to carry them on Colleges and Schools! Most if not all southern children ,being raise in south should know this.THINK USE YOUR HEADS!!! DON’T TAKE GUNS TO SCHOOLS OR COLLEGES!!!!!

    • Nuclear Mike

      The economy of Huntsville totally benefits by putting armed teenagers and college students onto the battlefield…

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