Huntsville employees most engaged in nation, according to new survey

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- An organization called Quantum Workplace found that more than 77% of employees in Huntsville are going above and beyond at work, because they like where they are. They're also more likely to stay.

Huntsville was rated #1 on the group's 2014 Employee Engagement Trends report.

We spoke with Rey Almodovar, CEO of Intuitive Research and Technology, which is located in Huntsville. He says this report's findings aren't shocking.

"We [at Intuitive] take care of our employees. We have great programs that are suited to their needs," he said.

Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle agrees that Huntsville's companies are treating employees right, but the city is also conducive to a quality private life, too. "[The employees are] finding activities, they're finding places to live where they can live, work, and play. They're also finding the kind of community they're looking for."

He says that spells growth for Huntsville as a whole. Many companies have added employees within the past 6 months, he tells WHNT News 19. But it doesn't just mean expanding, it also means companies have less motivation do that somewhere else.

Almodovar said, "Why would you go anywhere else to look for employees? We have them right here."

Harrison Diamond, Business Relations Officer for Huntsville City, shed some light on the benefits of having employees who stick around instead of hopping between companies every few years.

"It costs a lot more money to go out and recruit somebody than it does to keep them. So I think employee engagement plays a major part in the success of companies here," he said. "I definitely think we will be seeing more diversification in our economy [in the future]."

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    Of corse this is true. The best jobs are government jobs or jobs that have the government as their customer! This shows that the Republicans are wrong when they say that governments do not create jobs! They do — and those jobs are so good they have the happiest and loyalist workers!

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