Village of Providence Homeowners Association attempts to clear the air after controversy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- The Village of Providence, an upscale neighborhood in Northwest Huntsville, is known for its pristine condition.

But recently residents have been questioning that quality, along with where their fees and dues are really going.

Monday, the development's homeowners association addressed those concerns at an open meeting.

"We have accountability down to the penny. So it's not like we don't know where the money is.," Ross Williams, Providence Finance Committee Chair, told WHNT News 19.

He claims the HOA finances are being spent in the neighborhood's best interest.

"We are doing what we think most people in the association want done with the money," said Williams.

Resident Angela Sommerset initially came to WHNT News 19 with her concerns. She attended Monday's meeting and told the HOA Finance Committee that she wants to see more transparency in how their money is spent.

"I should not have to ask about my meeting house, what is the cost of my meeting house, what the notes are," she said, asking the committee if there is a better way for her to get timely information.

David Slyman, Providence Developer, chimed in,"There is not a time when we haven't addressed the concerns of a neighbor."

Although the meeting became heated and many issues were tossed around the room, the main issue at the end boiled down to communication.

"A lack thereof, despite efforts, has been part of the problem," said one neighbor.

"We are all in this together, whether we like each other or not," said Sommerset.


  • Jerry Bob

    Just one more reason I’ll NEVER live in ANY neighborhood with an HOA. I don’t care how nice it is.

    “We are doing what we think most people in the association want done with the money,” said Williams. In other words, the HOA officers are doing whatever THEY want done. They “think” that’s what the majority of the neighborhood wants done, but they aren’t going to bother asking or taking any pesky votes to ensure that’s what most people want. That’s the whole problem with HOA’s – they comprise a handful of busybodies who have a pathological need to control others.

  • Jim

    HoA’s are interesting animals indeed, you get alot of personalities involved and things can get pretty dicey. I still own a home in Atlanta in a HOA where our dues started at $350.00 a month and 10 yrs later they are $780.00 a year.. If a neighborhood with a HOA has lots of ammenities the cost can add up quickly, ie golf course, lake, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts and lots of common space require lots of regular maintenance as do residents doing their part abiding by the covenants with keeping their homes yards tidy, grass mowed, weeds abated, lanscaping conforming to the covenants, fences and buildings and childrens swingsets etc conforming to the rules of the HOA covenants. You see stuff like this association in Providence is experiencing on a regular basis. HOA’s keep neighborhoods in check but they can be bothersome if you dont comply or you have people in leadship positions that either dont care or just want to do it for the prestige and not for the service to others..You truly have to like doing it because it can a pain doing you job whether you do it right or not because there are always others that think they know better and voice it loudly..Hopefully Providence will do well by their residents and the same for their residents toward their leadership..

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