Taking Action: Cyclist attacked by unchained dog in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Every day, runners and cyclists take to the streets either for exercise or fun, but none of them expect to be attacked while on the road.

WHNT News 19 is taking action to keep cyclists safe and dog owners informed.

While riding her bike through Gurley over the weekend, Jodi Bump was passing a house on the opposite side of the street, when, suddenly, a large dog knocked her to the ground.

"He rammed, pretty hard, into my back wheel from this direction and I just tipped immediately straight down to the ground and hit with my hip first and then my head, but I had a helmet on," said Bump.

The cyclist has been riding for more than six years.

She says she's lucky the dog ran away after that.

"I got off easy," said Bump.

She wound up with a hematoma on her hip, along with some minor scrapes and bruises.

The bruise on Jodi Bump's hip she got after a dog attacked her while she was cycling. (Photo: Christine Killimayer)

The bruise on Jodi Bump's hip after a dog attacked her while she was cycling. (Photo: Christine Killimayer)

"I don't blame the dog at all," said Bump.

She and many other cyclists know that owners need to do more to help keep the public safe.

"That's where really the problem lies because the dogs see a cyclist or a runner or a car and they leave the private property and chase whatever it is and then potentially cause problems," said Bump.

In rural Madison County, pet owners are not required to put their dog on leash, but they are required to keep the dog under control.

They also are not allowed to let the dogs run free beyond their property.

Madison County also added special regulations for dangerous dogs.

It's likely Bump won't get back on her bike for another six weeks because of the attack, but when she does, she will be more cautious than ever.

"We are pet owners and drivers too, and we're not out there trying to get in your way," said Bump, "we are just trying to do something that we love."


  • Jim

    So did the dog owner of the one that knocked her off her bike ever find out that their dog did that to the lady?

  • Local Cyclist

    Yes, and the response has been unfortunate which is a big motivator behind this drive for more awareness.

  • Nuclear Mike

    …seems the bicyclists are being targeted by the dawgs now…added on top of the dangers of riding on the roads & highways just makes one hesitate a bit before hopping on…

  • Don

    The dog owner was SO LUCKY Ms. Bump was the one this incident occured to, because anyone else would be taking them to court for pain and suffering and or any other charges they could get. I cannot believe the owner did not feel some sort of compassion or responsibility for the event. If that happened to me or my children, I would not have stopped with contacting the media.

  • Taylor

    Don, thats whats wrong with this world, most people expect to get every little something out of someone after every tiny incidents similar to this… This world needs more peole like Ms. Bump, thats more understanding. Think of it this way. You protect you’re home if a intruder is near by… same thing with a more protective by nature dog, their yard is their home where themself and family live and they want to protect it from similar intruders!

    • Don

      Taylor- I agree with you whole heartedly… that is why I said anyone else would have taken the dog owner to court. What if a child was walking down the street and the dog came out of its yard and bit the child in the face, would you say that would be okay because the dog was “protecting its territory”? Same here… had Ms. Bump not been wearing a helment, she could have suffered a serious head injury. She would have broken her hip…ect. If her injuries had been more sustainable, which was very possible, would you not think the dog owner should be responsible?

      The dog owner should have been cited and fined…. and also thankful Ms. Bump was not more seriously hurt. Next time their dog chases people in a neighborhood and injures someone, their could be large consequences to pay. Period.

    • Michael

      The cyclist said she was on the other side of the street, not the yard of the dog. I used to ride my bike in the country a lot. Dogs would charge me all the time despite me never going into anyone’s yard. They just like to chase stuff and some of them even like to maul stuff. The latter need to be contained, period.

  • Jimmy

    Taylor – I don’t agree with you whole heartedly. This is probably not the first time this dog has charged people that were walking or riding by. The owner is not taking responsibility. If the cyclist were injured and required medical treatment then the owner should pay. If they do not, a lawsuit is appropriate.

  • William Muny

    I’m sure the 2nd amendment nutjobs won’t mind that I carry a lightweight semi-auto (chest holster) on my bike or high power pepper spray to protect myself from dogs, animals in general and humans who buzz me with their big pick’em’up trucks. Newsflash dog owners…..I’m not going down on the road to be run over by a car because you refuse to control your “pet”.

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