It’s not your typical yard sale

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FORTY PAYNE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The World's Longest Yard Sale ends Sunday, and on top of Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, last-minute yard salers were met with a sale that they couldn't just walk by.

Set up under multiple tents and sitting on tables are rows upon rows of things for sale.

All of it belongs to one man - Mr. Glen Hancock. "I've been collecting this stuff all my life trying to buy and sell it," he says, "I buy and sell stuff. That's what I do."

From batteries and razors, to skillets to tools, to some things you can't quite put a name to, the man who buyers were calling Mr. Glen has it.

He has tons of things - literally. It's enough to fill trailers and trucks to the brim and it's all for sale.

Hancock has been participating in the World's Longest Yard Sale for more than a decade. He says he enjoys meeting the different people who come around to see what he has this time.

The one question people have when they're looking at it all, and the one you probably have too - where did he get it? Hancock has an answer. "I guess everywhere. I go to yard sales, different trade days, I buy it everywhere."

This is something he enjoys doing, and for the people who come - you can bet they'll never know what they'll find in this kaleidoscope of things.

That's what makes it all the better.

While the sale is over this year, Hancock says he'll be ready again for next year's World's Longest Yard Sale. "I appreciate everybody that buys something from me," he says.

The sale is free, and it officially starts on the first Thursday in August and runs until that Sunday.

Hancock says he typically sets up a sale every Saturday at the Mountain Top Flea Market.

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