Sheriff’s deputies seize pills, cash from home on Wingate Ave.

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Oxycodone and cash seized from 209 Wingate Avenue in Huntsville (Photo: David Kumbroch/WHNT News 19)

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies discovered drugs and piles of cash in a Tuesday morning raid.  The location of the raid is in central Huntsville, just near the intersection of Drake Avenue and Whitesburg Drive.

A spokesperson tells us agents got their hands on $22,000 worth of oxycodone, plus another $40,000 in cash.

The investigation took them a few weeks and led them to 209 Wingate Avenue.  They say they’re pleased with the haul.

“If you’re selling narcotics, your day will come. It may be today. It may be tomorrow. It may be next week. But the thing about it is, we’re actively seeking people that are distributing narcotics as well as manufacturing methamphetamine in our community. And that’s a 24-hour-a-day process,” said Lt. Michael Salomonsky.

The Sheriff’s Office arrested 37-year-old Joshua Hasting in the case.  They say he lived with his dad, but his father does not face any charges.


  • Michael

    “Democracy means that when there’s a knock in the door at 3 am, it’s probably the milkman.”
    -Credited to Winston Churchill

    • Nuclear Mike

      …indeed…because usually it was the Gestapo or SS kicking down your door at 0300am in the Europe of his time…and we still have the remnants here of the SS office Corp…btw, the City & Police & Homeland Security are using the “PlaceTime” CCTV at all of our intersections to provide the comings & goings of all of us should ‘they” need to knock at any of our doors at 0300am…and why the hell do we need Homeland Security involved in our local police work???
      Are they to become the Gestapo of our time here????

    • Michael

      Now we know the real reason they went to that specific house. Civil-asset forfeiture. Think they’d raid some known mugger that was broke and had no items of interest? Guv’ment gotta get paid.

    • Vic

      It’s not even a dent in the problem. Rehab and a systematic change in values through education is the key according to many.But the real purpose is revenue anyway. Unscrupulous and apathetic doctors don’t help. Busting people for filling a demand is pointless.

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