Madison County man charged with capital murder of infant son

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Sergino Larenta Richard, AKA Sergino Larenta Richard-Key (Photo: Madison County Sheriff's Office

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A man has been charged with capital murder after his infant son died at the hospital from “external force” Saturday.

Sergino Larenta Richard, 26, was arrested and charged with capital murder Wednesday. Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning said his office was alerted to the suspicious death of an infant early Saturday morning.┬áBased on the circumstances of the death, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation and ordered an autopsy on the infant, according to Dorning.

Dorning said the autopsy concluded the infant’s death was the result of “external force.” After interviewing everyone who was present at the residence where the infant was living, Dorning said his office concluded that the infant’s father likely caused the infant’s death.

Richard is currently being held in the Madison County Jail with no bond.



    YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM !!!!!! I personally knew GINO ….. Worked With Gino …. And Hung out with him, Honestly im heartbroken ….. people are judging him based on how he looks (STEREOTYPING) and to be honest IT MAKES ME SICK being that i KNOW him and i know he WOULD NOT do this, i will do whatever it takes to bring the truth out. I have also noticed people on here pretending to know who he is … that’s not right so before all of y’all go to ASSUMING realize ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and the media is making it SOOO much worse than it was. Yes its sad that a child lost his life but it was just an accident.

  • anonymous

    I worked with Sergino “Gino” and he just doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do something this horrific. I think the investigators should investigate the mother of the child also. She’s just as much at fault as he is if he even did it. I think he’s just covering up for her and taking all the blame. Both of the parents have mental health issues. I believe that he thinks he’s doing the right thing by covering up for her. If you knew Gino personally I believe that you would feel the same way about the situation. But I could be completely wrong in my judgment of character for Gino and the mother of the child. If that is the case I still think both should go down for it.

  • PrayForGino

    I also know Gino. I currently worked with Gino. He is the best person anyone could meet. He is absolutely nice and caring. I do not believe this is a crime that he is committed and sooner than later the truth will come out. I know Gino didn’t and wouldn’t intentionally kill his own baby!!! Gino does not deserve the blame nor the penalty for these accusations.

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