Rep. Brooks charges “war on whites” by Democrats

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By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – A Republican congressman from Alabama says Democrats are engaged in a “war on whites.”

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama Dist. 5)

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama Dist. 5)

Congressman Mo Brooks made his comment on conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham’s program. He said the Democratic Party claims white people hate everyone else and that it’s part of President Barack Obama’s strategy of dividing people on the basis of race, sex and class.

On the radio link, these comments come in at 12:00.

The remarks came in a discussion on immigration legislation passed last week by the House that could result in increased deportations.

Brooks was responding to analysis saying that the Republican Party risks losing any appeal to Latino voters and will not be able to be successful in a national race if it appeals only to white voters.

Brooks defended his comments in a phone interview Tuesday with The Associated Press.


  • Jimmy

    He should know about engaging a war on whites because the Republicans have been engaged in a war on ALL minorities for years. How do they expect to win anything by alienating everyone but whites.
    Please remember that before the white man IMMIGRATED to this land, the country was full of native Americans (Indians) and Mexicans in the south west.

  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Mo is EXACTLY Right!! Dem-O-Craps are utterly useless! The “Beatdown” is coming in November.!

  • Jimmy

    He is smart. He knows he has to distract you with this outrageous and stupid comment so you wont notice that yesterday his party could not pass their own bill on immigration. It an inept party,

  • Jimmy

    There is nothing wrong with these statement its all true….He is smart. He knows he has to distract you with this outrageous and stupid comment so you wont notice that yesterday his party could not pass their own bill on immigration. It an inept party

  • Jeanne

    It was such a stupid thing to say, I’m sure he thought he was playing to his base. Hopefully his base is smarter than that. Hopefully. Why is this guy in office? The guy who said he would shoot illegal Mexicans if it were legal, then turns around and says there is a war on whites?! He’s a train wreck and an embarrassment for the state of Alabama.

  • Harry Martin

    What’s wrong with his statement? If you admit deep down, YOU know it’s true too. It’s been going on since Kennedy.Just look at the job numbers, the Demo’s push for immigration, those will back-up the numbers. Look at the Demo’s words while on the floor of Congress and at election time. Remember the 64 Civil Rights Bill, the 68 Civil Rights Bill, The Voting Rights Bill? Want more examples?

    • free, plus tax

      Harry, GET A GRIP MAN! On the national level, how many Republicans in office are of any color, other than WHITE?
      None, Harry. To say the Dems are at war with the Repubs would have been a better way to make that statement. And Harry, don’t belittle historic legistation like the 64 Civil Rights bill and the others; that was this country taking a step foward!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jimmy

        Harry, he is trying to take away those rights. Trying to stop early voting and make it harder to register for all minorities.

    • Jimmy

      Yes he is, Its the republican party that is fighting everyone BUT old angry white men. Its like…I hear what you say, but I see what you do. And you know its the republicans that are doing it.

  • Allie

    I couldn’t seem to find my remote this morning nor my cell phone…I’ll just blame it on President Obama! Is everything his fault? No! Mo Brooks was out of line for his comments. Where else can someone openly speak falsely and negatively about their boss? God Bless America! smh

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