UPDATE: Man charged with murder following death investigation on Old Railroad Bed Rd.

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A man is in the Madison County Metro Jail charged with murder.

Officials are holding Jamie Wayne Parsons, 40, on a $120,000 bond. Deputies booked him into the jail around 1 a.m. Sunday.

"It was shocking because I would never expect this out of Jamie. He never appeared to me to be that kind of person," said Juanita Neeley, a neighbor who has known Parsons for years.

The Sheriff's Office has not released many details about the crime itself, including what led up to Parsons' arrest.

Sgt. Brian Chaffin said Parsons was arrested on Saturday, August 2 following a death investigation at an address on Old Railroad Bed Road in Toney.  Neighbors  say the victim is Parsons' wife Vicky, who lived in the home with Parsons and her three daughters, but officials have not confirmed that information.

Neighbors say they never imagined their community would become a crime scene.

"Who would ever think that would happen out here? It's the type of stuff you hear on TV in big cities, but not in our little community," said Neeley, who describes the situation as terrifying.

According to court records, Parsons has had several past arrests, ranging from marijuana possession to assault. Records indicate he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, domestic violence and theft of property in 2009.


    • Say What

      Watch after the November elections. The state Republicans are going to get even softer on crime! They are going to overhaul the criminal sentencing guidelines. Watch and see!!!!

  • Jeanne

    Rape, assault, kidnapping and domestic violence in 2009!? And he is free in just four or five years to now commit murder? How? Why is this thug out of prison ? Gee, maybe a person can get away with serious crimes in Alabama, do what you will and get out in no time at all. Maybe this time they will lose the key to his cell.

  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Justice for the criminal! this is stupid. the criminal justice system only favors the CRIMINAL! Keep this trash locked up!

  • Fran Young (@Fby44Fran)

    Would previous poster maybe have a criminal record of their own? ummmm. What was his recommendation that BW do about this former employee? Sounds like you’re out in left field. Maybe the murderer was a close friend. Did the friendship go sour & none of the above are working there now & haven’t for some time.

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