30 Years Later: A look back at Madison Square’s opening day

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)  Friday, August 1st, marked 30 years since Huntsville's Madison Square Mall opened its doors.   Here is a look back at the story WHNT News 19 did on opening day.


  • floridamorning

    A Long Time Ago. Funny to see that tacky radio station banner hanging off of the bannister. My how times have changed. Indoor malls and radio stations are both dinosaurs now.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The Mall should be bought by the local governments as planned and then turned into a Government Office, Court & Services Complex before the Mall becomes a rundown abandoned ghost town of nothing.
    This would save having to build all new government offices & courts elsewhere…any every local politician can still help their “supporters” make “severe profits” off the deal to line even more pockets with the taxpayers’ hard earned monies!!!

    • Jeanne

      Still, it’s kind of a shame. With all the growth in Madison and east limestone county that the mall couldn’t be revitalized. If indeed there is unruly element in the mall surely that could be dealt with.

  • michael f

    Yes that was the 80s, women proudly displaying shoulderpads, with hairsprayed hair, kind people having a good time shopping and ejoying the festivities. We will never have a mall like that again. It has been replaced with Amazon.com. However we can work making the mall a better place, even better than the 80s. We must not tollerate trash people of any kind in the city. They shall be banished to North and South Huntsville. When this happens, keep your mouths shut, so the person doing this good deed goes unpunished. Then we shall build a huge shopping center near the Huntsville Hospital and a parkway with no crossing to keep them segregated We shall build Jones Valley with extremely high property values. Wait a minute, this has already happened.

  • plowboysghost

    Brings back memories!. I was there opening day with my grandmother(a retired Whitesburg Baptist Church school teacher) and her older sister. Though we had moved back to her hometown of Hackleburg in about 1976, we went to Huntsville about once every couple months to shop and visit family. Thanks WHNT for the memories evoked by the old footage. Please dig into your archives more often.

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