Friday Night Lights, new secret art project coming to Downtown Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - New things are happening in downtown Huntsville every day, and here's what you can look forward to this weekend.

Check out Friday Night Lights this Friday, August 1 from 8-10 pm.  This is a series of different light projects that the public will be able to see all over downtown, including around the courthouse square, through Big Spring Park, all the way to Thrasher Fountain next to Embassy Suites.

A Huntsville entertainment company will light up different parts of the square for a video they are producing to enter in a worldwide 'light bombing competition' called ADJ's Tag it with Light.

'Light bombing' is lighting up a structure in a unique way, to show it in a way it's never been pictured before, as described in this YouTube video.

The community can come  and enjoy the cool effects all around the square, along with the Grotto Lights in Big Spring Park and some new LED in the tunnel by Thrasher Fountain.

Next Secret Art Project

Drop Metal will install the next Secret Art Piece soon in a hidden place in Downtown Huntsville.

Pictures of the art piece can be submitted via email and a gift card will be given to the individual who finds it first.  Email photos to

This unique piece of art has been made specifically for downtown Huntsville and will be a beautiful addition to the one that is already on the courthouse square.

-Information provided by Downtown Huntsville Inc.