Heart of the Valley YMCA operating on ‘tight budget’ as charitable donations and membership drop, funding is cut

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Hogan Family YMCA in Madison (WHNT News 19)

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Heart of the Valley YMCA is an $8 million-a-year operation. That may sound like a lot, but considering all they offer, the budget is tight.

Charitable donations and membership are down and city funding has been drastically cut.

Now, board members are considering how to cut costs without cutting valuable community programs. Programs like after school and day camp, swim lessons, day care at all three locations, T-ball, and soccer. They also include scholarships and prorated memberships for low-income families.

“It takes a lot of money to do all those things and do them well,” said Scott Seeley, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Madison City Council voted Tuesday evening to cut funding for the Hogan Family YMCA, allocating only $25,000 — 75% less than what they were granted two years ago.

“We had hoped to get $100,000 a year subject to their financial ability to provide that,” said Seeley. “They have challenges just like we do, so they have recently stepped that down based on their budget needs.”

While Seeley says they are working to find ways to absorb the losses, the organization is still feeling the pinch.  In 2013, the Hogan Family YMCA provided more than $290,000 in financial assistance or scholarships to Madison residents.

Seeley admits the organization needs to put a greater emphasis on fundraising and garnering community charitable donations. They also have personnel challenges.

“We need to do some things in-house. We need to get our staffing up to speed, we need to find a new CEO, we need to find an Executive Director in Madison,” listed Seeley. “I think our facilities have probably suffered a little bit in terms of maintenance, and we will address that as soon as possible.”

On July 1st, Heart of the Valley YMCA association President/Chief Executive Officer Scott T. Mounts retired. He came on as CEO and President of the Heart of the Valley YMCA in October of 2003.

Since his retirement the Board has launched a nationwide search for his replacement. Seeley expects they will begin the interview process next month.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Welcome to the reality of Huntsville & Madison County’s declining economy as the discretionary spending by Families is declining fast from cable TV to eating out to attending events to real estate…our economy will be 10years+ before any real recovery can be expected.

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