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Amy Bishop Anderson files Rule 32 challenge to conviction

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The woman convicted of capital murder in the February 2010 shooting deaths of three UAH professors has filed a challenge to her conviction and following appeals.

Amy Bishop Anderson pleaded guilty to capital murder in September 2012. Despite the guilty plea, later that month Bishop Anderson still had to stand trial, because Alabama law requires the state to prove its case in any capital murder situation. After less than 30 minutes of deliberations Monday, a jury found Bishop  Anderson guilty of capital murder and sentenced her to life in prison without parole.

Though Bishop Anderson exhausted her appeals in August 2013, she has petitioned the court for relief from her sentence through the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 32 with a hand-written, 46-page document.

In her petition, Bishop Anderson claims she should be relieved from her conviction because:

  • She involuntarily entered a guilty plea
  • Evidence favorable to her case was withheld by the prosecution
  • Her attorneys were ineffective
  • She did not receive an adequate psychiatric evaluation
  • New evidence has been discovered

She adds that she suffered from blackouts and hallucinations during her stay in the Madison County Jail. "During one "blackout" preceded by a conversation with a dead colleague I attempted suicide with a "popped-out" razor and had to be taken to the hospital," Bishop Anderson said in the petition.

She goes on to say the medication for her allergies and hallucinations made her unable to think correctly about her options during her trial.

Bishop Anderson is serving her sentence of life in prison without parole at Julia Tutwiler Prison For Women.

It's not unheard of for someone who has exhausted his or her appeals to file a Rule 32 petition. Recently, both Ronald Weems, the man convicted of the murder of Amanda Taylor, and Nicholas “Nick” Acklin, the man sentenced to death in 1998 for shooting six people, four of them fatally, in what became known as the “Cell Phone Murders,” have both filed Rule 32 petitions.

Click here to read Bishop Anderson's Rule 32 petition.

DA's Reaction to Appeal

Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard said Bishop's appeal is not a suprise and comes from a woman who is not happy with her "lot in life now"

"She is stuck there in prison for the rest of her life, and is trying anything she can to get out of that situation," Broussard told WHNT News 19 Wednesday evening.

Broussard is confident a judge will quickly throw out the appeal once the facts of this closed case are presented.


  • David Coleman

    If the death penalty was used effectively in this county, we would not be reading this story.

  • wild dog

    Lets PURGE OR SYSTEM !!! People / animals of this degree of no regard for life need to be deprived of the very AIR they breathe! Not writing books , from prison or MAKING MONEY OFF THE VICTOMS AND OR FAMILIES !! Can we as a nation continue on this path HELL NO !!!Clear The CELLS /no need for more prisons JUST MORE HOLES to put THEM IN !!!

  • KB

    I can’t believe this piece of garbage is trying to get out of this by way of a technicality. So intelligent but not smart enough to know that murder is wrong, period. Whether the minimum sentence is 10 years or 20, she knows she is screwed either way.

    • Michael

      This “technicality” is her right. Granted, the judge will probably laugh and throw it out the window but she should still be allowed to ask as long as it’s within the rules of the game.

  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Bob & Wild Dog are exactly right! Time to exterminate ALL the Vermin in our “country Club” Institutions! The Criminal seems to be the only ones who get “Justice”.

  • Orginal LePhantom

    Amy, you have heard of a snowball in hell? I bet a Boston girl is finding Tutwiller a little trying these hot Alabama summer days. Hope your bunk is near one of those big fans that sub for air conditioning. Didn’t think of Tutwiller when you packed the gun, did you? Nor, when you placed yourself near the head of the table at a meeting you were not invited to attend. Hope you live a long and healthy life at Tutwiller.

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