Taking Action: WHNT News 19 helps get yard fixed after contractor leaves a huge hole

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  A little construction process kicked off around Grissom High in June. It didn't bother Michael Lose, who lives nearby.

He tells us, "My wife Gigi and I are all for progress."

His house sits on a corner of Bailey Cove,  so he and his wife set out to improve the right-of-way that separated their yard and the road.

Lose tells us, "We've spent a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money out here in the past year, two years trying to make this a nice piece of property."

So imagine their dismay, when a three-foot-deep hole lingered in the middle of this beautifully manicured area.

When we showed up, it had been there over a month, and it's not like the crew that dug it didn't realize it was a problem.

Lose points out the yellow ribbon wrapped around three stakes in the ground, "They're the ones that actually put the caution tape around it."

Plus Lose had an area of shredded sod and a pile where crews tossed it aside.  He tried to make calls, to get it fixed.

But as Lose admits, "The problem is that I don't even know who to call."

Even if Lose doesn't get mad about all this, the person responsible needs to take care of it.

So after surveying the scene, we set out to take action.

We called the City of Huntsville, who pointed us to the city's engineering department, who pointed us to Huntsville Utilities, who told us it looked like the work of a phone company.  Lose told us he heard a rumor somewhere along the way that it was ATT's work, so we tried them.

They told us they'd look into it.

Three days later, we get results.

Crews came out and did work all the way down the street, including the right-of-way outside Lose's house.

He takes us on a tour of the work, "Friday morning we actually had activity out here, not only in our area, but all along the road where the construction had taken place. As you can see right here, this is actually where the hole used to be. It's covered up nicely. This is the mound of dirt with the grass growing through, and that's been cleared out as well. So not only did they fill the hole out and move the dirt, they actually repaired the yard that they had torn up and re-sodded it as well."

The Lose family just wants to make this space beautiful. Now they can.

Lose tells us, "We really do appreciate you guys stepping in and helping us out."

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