Homeowners say house severely haunted with 5+ ghosts

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A home in York County, Pennsylvania was featured on “The Dead Files”, a national TV show on The Travel Channel this weekend. The homeowners say the house is severely haunted, with multiple ghosts and other entities.

Owner DeAnna Simpson has ghostly photos, as well as photos from something that scratches people who come inside.  She also has audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking that were not in the house.

“Five plus,” she says of the number of ghosts in the house. “I have some here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman.”

A news crew from FOX43 recently visited the house and felt something, too. Photojournalist Nick Petrillo said he felt his hand burning and even saw a scratch on his wrist.

Do you believe the house is haunted? Watch the story and decide for yourself.  Post your thoughts in the comment section below.


  • Jim

    Well, I am sure it will be a hard one to sell for sure with all this publicity…Might have to just tear it down…

  • Nuclear Mike

    Only if you believe…and some people have to believe anything that makes their lives more meaningful…

  • Jonathan Dexter

    Gotta love skeptics.. IF any of them ever experienced anything like this family is going through they would probably run screaming & crying like a little girl looking for their mommy. I personally have experienced various super natural events & entities, they are no joke.. Just because you do not believe in such things does not give you the right to dismiss another persons experience or beliefs. Enough said………

    • Red

      There is one more thing to say… “supernatural” is ONE word. But… I’m sure you knew that. You are a smart guy who believes that ghosts haunt houses and people who don’t believe are “skeptics”.

  • Sue

    I do not know about this particular house, but is it possible houses have ghosts? Oh YES! I lived in a condo that was only 5 yrs old. Maybe it was the land it was built on. I was married at the time. Both of us experienced unbelievable things. He saw people going from the kitchen to the upstairs. We were early 20’s. The people were much older. I only fel coldness. Thingwere moved and footsteps were held. Our cat was so upset he would not come inside unless I was thete.

  • Sue

    Sorry sent before I finished writing. Never before or since moving out have I had an experience like that. The condo was always for rent. Tenants lasted from one day to few months. Price was reasonable- kept immaculate- but very haunted! I never knew why but until then I did not actually believe in ghosts. It definitely changed my mind about ghosts!

  • Sue

    One more thing- she said she felt protected by some. I totally believe that because I soon realized I felt protected from any harm when I was there. However they did not like him at all. He was so scared he would not stay there unless I was there. I thought that was funny because sometimes they are there to tell you something you never realized before. I divorced him and all was quiet. He did not willingly bring them but they scared him out of there. Turmoil in your household will bring them sometimes. So that is a good thing. That is my conclusion.

    • angel jones

      Sorry y’all going rough situation here yes I so believe in ghost n yes we have a houses haunted downtown Huntsville’s there is ghosts inside that house I keep hearing thing I also turn light off grab Mi camera used dark flash on camera and take PIC of real alive ghost n also there is ppl live in that’s house believe me I kno what’s it’s like hear ghost

    • Nuclear Mike

      These comments were why women were once burned at the stake or drowned from people ‘believing’ in witchcraft as a being real as this nonsense of ghosts…

      • Sue

        Nuclear Mike- There are a lot of people who have haunted houses. You might not be so narrow minded if you had experienced any of this. However you would probably not admit it anyway. You would however be very quick to exit from pure fear. Now that would be funny! – I guarantee.

  • Jeanne

    I suppose that if you believe in heaven and hell, as most of use were taught, it shouldn’t be too far a stretch for there to be entities that could interfere in our lives. We talk about our guardian angels, maybe there are those souls who aren’t so protective. I’m not going to make fun of those who may have been haunted just because I haven’t had that experience…thank heaven.

  • Tina Thomas

    I watched The Dead Files Saturday night and was impressed with Amy as usual. However, I was a bit surprised when one day this week, I think Monday, I watched a re-run of The Haunted and saw the same family and same house. No mention was made on the Dead Files of them having had other investigators or being on other programs.

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