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Reception honoring Governor Bentley held in New Hope

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NEW HOPE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Governor Robert Bentley and his wife made a stop in the Tennessee Valley Saturday evening.

The home of Warren and Isabella Strickland in New Hope was full of their friends and acquaintances Saturday evening. Many knew each other, others made new contacts. The honored guests Saturday evening though, were Governor Bentley and his wife.

"We're here visiting North Alabama. Of course, I visit North Alabama a lot," Governor Bentley says, "I visit North Alabama probably more than any other part of the state to announce jobs and you know, it's a great place."

Dozens of people were at the reception to meet with the Governor and share a conversation."We have local physicians, local friends and just guests out of the community," Host Warren Strickland says.

"Dr. Strickland, he's a close friend of mine," Governor Bentley says, "He's on my State Conservation Advisory Board."

Governor Bentley says the Tennessee Valley is a part of the state he enjoys visiting and he hopes to return in the near future. "We're always trying to get more jobs in this area, so we come up here a lot," Governor Bentley says, "This is a beautiful part of the state, these mountains, it's just great people, great workforce, and it's just a good part of the state."


  • Ben Vickers

    Who honoring who; what were the reasons? Routine visits to those who reinforce potential ideas that Alabama is a good place to live maybe. National rankings, which are important in several areas, are the most readily available sources revealing that the good Doctor should routinely visit areas such as the Black Belt region where a large percentage of the population are still suffering from the absence of adequate representation since the antebellum era. The whole state suffers sans the sectors propped up by the invisible hand of the defense industry,the exploitation of migrant workers as well as residual effects of Jim Crow. Honor away.

  • Proud New Hope Resident

    Wtf-ever, just where do you live? Can you state why New Hope is one of the worst communities in the county?

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