Rolando McClain found guilty in trial; heads straight to Cowboys practice

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Rolando McClain, the former Crimson Tide standout and current Dallas Cowboy, was found guilty in a short trial Friday morning.  He then got in a car to head to the airport to catch a flight for NFL practice.

McClain will fly to California, where he's expected at a Dallas Cowboys practice on Saturday.

McClain's trial lasted about an hour in Decatur Municipal Court.  It was for two misdemeanor charges, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, from a disturbance at a park in April 2013.

Two Decatur Police Officers took the stand to testify.  Dash cam video was also shown from McClain's arrest.

The judge found McClain guilty on both charges and sentenced him to 18 days in jail.  However, because defense attorney Carl Cole quickly appealed, McClain was allowed to report to Cowboys practice.  If not for the appeal, McClain would have had to report to jail on August 8.

McClain and his attorneys declined comment as they left City Hall, but McClain did give a short statement as he got in the car.

"I appreciate the people who continue to support me, and I'll continue to get my life on track and I'm already making the right decisions," said McClain. "This is just another bump in the road. I'm eager to get back to work with the rest of the team."

"Are you still in football shape?" someone asked.

"I look better than the last time I was there," McClain replied.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Just another NFL thug!!! And our SEC is nothing but the training ground for more thugs in the NFL. More arrests to follow for certain this year!

    • Jeanne

      These guys get in trouble no matter where they are. If he’s smart, he will clean up his act but so far it doesn’t look good. In fact it seems the more money and fame,, the more arrogance and trouble they get into. Just look at the stats. Wife beaters, bar brawlers, drugs and even murder. Just because these guys can play football shouldn’t be an excuse for breaking the law.

  • soldier

    people do get here life back on track and what better way than making a mill or twoo or three. i personally think if he can stay healthy he will be just a good as sean lee or better. this will be a playoff bound team this season 10-6. yeah yeah yeah naysayers down go the giants go down the skins go down the eagles. Roll Tide Roll…Roll Cowboys Roll .true blue for life.

  • NRA Rules

    Nuke Mike is absolutely right! These punks SEC/NFL need a dose of Jail/Prison. After all, they play a Chump Sport!!

  • Concerned

    Rolando, your still looking good to me!! Now we have a true STAR right here. He went straight out of court to NFL practice. Love it and love you Haters too. And this too has passed!! How bout them Cowboys??? Whoop Whoop……

    • Nuclear Mike

      Rolando will be doing jail time for he is unchangeable in personality from all that know him and is doomed to a criminal’s life whether NFL or not…

  • Bill B.

    For those who continue to defend this guys actions. What it had been us who broke the law the way HE CONTINUES to do Every time he comes back to Alabama? We would be standing on the other side of the bars looking out or we would have to stay in Alabama until the appeal was resolved. This young man doesn’t have ANY respect for the law and he gets away with it. No wonder todays youth has problems with authority. This type of non action appears to them as NORMAL. This thug was laughing all the way to the airport.

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