Rescue groups seek foster homes for pets

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – The crisis at Huntsville Animal Services brought the need for foster families to the forefront. But local rescue organizations say the need goes beyond this week’s events: there are always four-legged friends that need a home. Pet lovers are needed to keep dogs off the streets, out of shelters, and into loving homes.

“We’re nowhere near no-kill, every single day, we go in, and every single week we come back and they’re gone,” said Amanda Howard of Friends of Rescue. She says that while adoption is helpful, fostering a pet can help keep one more animal off the streets. Katherine Mott is a foster mom. She says there are unique rewards to the temporary adoption.

“By fostering, you’re taking a dog out of the shelter and then letting them have another space to bring another dog into the shelter, so you’re essentially saving two dogs at once,” said Mott.

“It’s a heart thing, you pull them out of a situation that’s pretty bad, and you take them home, you show them love, and they show you a lot of love in return,” said Debbie Dodd, director of A New Leash on Life. Organizations like Forgotten Felines, Friends of Rescue, Madison Animal Rescue Foundation and A New Leash on Life work with local shelters like Huntsville Animal Services to make sure every animal has a home.

“You feel really good about them finding a great home, then you see the 15 shelter animals sitting there waiting on you, and you get to go get another one and save them, where you can’t do that if you keep them,” said Howard, who has adopted multiple dogs and fostered many more.

“I do still think back to some of those dogs, I think ‘oh I miss that dog’ but thinking about it at its new home is great too,” said Mott.