Awww: Overjoyed dog passes out when girl returns home after 2 years

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This will melt your heart! A dog fainted because he was so overjoyed to be reunited with a family member after two years.

In the YouTube video description, Rebecca Ehalt wrote it had been two years since she had been home. She noted, “which in fairness is 14 years in dog years.

Ehalt said she took the schnauzer to a veterinarian to be checked out. “Everything is fine,” she wrote.


  • Christine

    To the two previous posters: You can stop being worked up. The article states that she took the dog to a vet and everything is fine. Sheesh.

  • Glenn

    Dogs years do not mean that time passes more quickly for dogs. It is just a measure to convert a dog’s age to human age.

  • Carlene

    Um. Maybe there was a reason she had to leave for two years? College? Military? Who are you to judge someone besides yourself? Who knows why she was gone for two years, but it’s obvious she loves her dog and her dog loves her, so I’m sure the separation wasn’t something she really wanted.

  • Red

    This IS cute! But she fainted due tothe way she was whining. I think it is fair to say that she was having an uncontrollable moment with being so happy to see this lady, but she fainted due to hyperventilation.

  • Leigh

    “Ehalt said she took the schnauzer to a veterinarian where he was checked out.” Come on reporters, the dog is FEMALE, it’s mentioned in the video and on the youtube page. Although I suppose it’s better than calling the dog “it”, which annoyingly happens all too frequently. But come one, attention to detal, please.

  • Gigi

    Everyone STOP!! Where is your love and compassion??!! This brought tears to my eyes. It is heart-warming!! I can’t cover-up my heart with a bunch of technical crap. Who and what are you … people????

  • C. Brunette

    Miniature Schnauzers are predisposed to something called “sick sinus syndrome”. They can appear to be completely normal on exam. A cardiology workup is indicated. An EKG and possibly atropine response test. A 24 hour ekg with a Holter monitor may be needed. It is not normal for dog to pass out from emotion. From a veterinarian’s perspective, the video is disturbing. It is adorable that the dog is so excited to see her, I agree. But they really love this dog, and they should be aware if there is a problem.

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