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Judge sets $2.5 million bond for former volunteer Guntersville soccer coach

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A former volunteer Guntersville soccer coach is facing a $2.5 million bond following his initial appearance before a Marshall County judge Friday morning.

David Barrow is facing dozens of child pornography and sex crime charges in two counties. He was arrested by Huntsville Police in May for sexual abuse and human trafficking charges, and then again on Wednesday by the same entity for similar charges. Thursday, the Marshall County District Attorney's Office issued a warrant for charges including production of child pornography and aggravated criminal surveillance.

Barrow was brought from the Madison County jail to be booked into the Marshall County jail late Thursday evening. Friday morning he appeared before a Marshall County judge for the first time, where the District Attorney's Office presented several findings. Those ultimately led to Barrow's bond being substantially increased from the initial one million dollars to $2.5 million.

"We're very appreciative of the fact that the judge understood that this defendant is a flight risk, along with evidence that we offered for the likelihood of conviction," District Attorney Steve Marshall says.

Part of that flight risk argument stems from information Guntersville Police found, that Marshall says raised their concerns. "We were able to determine that he had a mechanic look at his plane that's located in Guntersville, that he had paid cash for gas to be topped off on that plane," he says.

Marshall says they believe Barrow was hiding motion sensitive cameras in various places, including under tables, in bathrooms, and an athletic facility. Some of those photographs were presented in court. "The pictures alone that we offered tie the defendant directly to this crime," Marshall says.

The judge allowed Barrow to speak in his defense. Barrow mentioned he did want to speak to the court, but said he would remain silent.

Part of the stipulations surrounding Barrow's bond include no contact with minors without supervision. The judge also ordered Barrow turn over his pilot's license and passport.

The District Attorney's Office says it expects more charges in this case, and the investigation is far from over. Marshall says they have identified all of the alleged victims in the photographs and video the charges stem from, and have notified the families.

We reached out to Barrow's attorney who is handling his Madison County cases. He told us they are working out the details on whether they will represent him for the Marshall County charges as well.