Alabama teen takes smiling Auschwitz selfie

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From: @PrincessBMM

Alabama (WHNT) – An Alabama teen is under attack after posting to Twitter a smiling selfie with a smiley emoticon from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

That’s according to our news partners

Breanna Mitchell, an 18-year-old from Roanoke, Ala., had planned a trip to Poland with her father, but just before her senior year at Handley High School he died of a heart attack.

Mitchell took the trip in memory of her father, and took a selfie at Auschwitz. The tweet is a selfie of Mitchell smiling at the camp, and includes a smiley face icon.

That selfie at the Auschwitz concentration camp resulted in a social media uproar.

Mitchell said a week after she tweeted the selfie, a girl tweeted her asking how she could post something like that. Two weeks later, Mitchell said she was bombarded with notifications on her social media accounts.

“There were death threats. Somebody told me he would come over and poison me,” Mitchell said. But she also said some people “were considerate of me and have been taking up for me.”

When asked if she has contacted law enforcement about the threats, Mitchell said the comments don’t bother her.

She said she has always been interested in the Holocaust and it was a topic she often discussed with her dad.


  • Carey

    I think it would have been in better taste to have a solemn expression, not only in memory of those who died at auschwitz, but in memory of her father. But people shouldn’t hold it over her head. I’m sure she didn’t realize nor mean the offense.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Our young people do not have the appreciation of having World War II parents nor grandparents who can relive for them the horrors of what they liberated in Europe & Asia from the NAZI’s/German’s and the Jap’s…she was thinking of her Father I believe and not the bloody ground she was standing on…

  • Tonya

    I don’t see that she did anything wrong so people just need to leave her alone. If it would have been anybody else then they would have done the same thing.

  • lynn

    I don’t see a problem with it she may have felt her dad was there with her. Some people smile naturally for a picture so people complaining about it needs to grow up there is No harm find but to her.

  • Christopher

    There are plenty of others places in Poland to stand in front of and smile. However, what was likely an innocent action has turned into insanity. Someone who would threaten to kill her over this is no better than the people who carried out the tragedies at Auschwitz during Nazi rule.

  • DBerry

    She’s a child who enjoys her camera or cell phone. Don’t Expect a Child to know and feel everything an Adult does. Adults want her to feel shame and all she sees is how much attention she’s getting. Some adults need to act their age too and stop whining about a child.

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