Florence plant closing; 200 jobs lost

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – ABCO announced it will close its facility in Florence by summer of 2015 resulting in the loss of as many as 200 jobs.  The parent company is izzy+.

The current production at the Florence plant will be shifted to facilities in Middlebury, Indiana and Spring Lake, Michigan.

“We regret the impact this decision has on the people of the Florence facility, because they have been an important and well-performing part of our izzy+ family.  We will be doing everything possible to help them transition to other employment,” said izzy+ President and CEO Kevin Kuske.

Kuske said izzy+ plans to sell the Florence plant when the consolidation is complete.  The company expects to add a yet-to-be-determined number of manufacturing and support positions at other izzy+ facilities.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Don’t worry Remington will employ all of them at $10/hr just make the drive to Huntsville & back everyday, just ask the Mayors & Governor!!!

      • Nuclear Mike

        Is Remington actually going to be more that 10 employees here at a average of $10/hr after New York secretly yielded to Remington’s other demands???

  • Say What

    I was looking for the day and time that the Governor will call all the cameras and talk about these jobs! I do not see it anywhere! Surprised? Not me!

    • TruthLivesHere

      Say What, your socialist savior certainly isn’t breaking a sweat to provide jobs. He’s breaking a sweat to prevent them.

      • Say What

        Truthy, you need to change your forum name. You never are correct. We hear a lot about this fictional liberal land under President Obama, where job creation was killed by Obamacare and liberal ideas have destroyed the country. Reality, of course, is quite different. In fact, reality is almost the exact opposite. For Bush’s entire 8 years, job growth was just 1.1 million. Yet under Obama, the private sector has had more than 48 straight months of job growth, with businesses adding more than 8.7 million jobs.

      • TruthLivesHere

        @ Say What. Seasonal and part-time jobs don’t count. But the socialist regime uses those jobs in their “facts” to make it appear that we have a robust economy. Much in the way that the socialist regime reports unemployment percentages.

  • Tom Carrigan

    For what it is worth, the closing of the ABCO/izzy+ Facility and the HON facility have nothing to do with the city of Florence or the state of Alabama. It has more to do with the industry they make products for and the way that many people do their jobs. The office world is finding that they don’t need individual offices or cubicles anymore. They work in open, collaborative environments, at home and just about anywhere (Starbucks, Joe Muggs, etc.) there is wifi/internet access. When you primarily manufacture tables and desks vs. lounge seating or bistro tables & chairs, it is just a matter of time.

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